Open Education in Turkey

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Learning knows no age limit. Turkey gives you the opportunity to do this as an adult if you have not been able to attend middle school or high school for some reason.

What are the requirements for open education in Turkey?

Among those who have completed the age of compulsory education,

a. those who certify that they have completed the 5th grade of primary education,

b. adults who have a 2nd-grade education achievement certificate, those who have a trainer and supplementary basic education-B course certificate,

c. those who dropped out of their 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade,

d. those who graduated from the 4th grade of primary school,

e. those who studied abroad and had their equivalence to one of the situations in items (a) and (d)

can apply for the open middle school program.

Students who certify that they are with their mother, father, or guardian who is assigned abroad for more than one year can apply without age registration.

How to get a high school or middle school diploma as an adult in Turkey

Applications and registrations to Open Education Middle School Program can be made from the Public Education Centers and Vocational Education Center Directorates.

According to the result of the adjustment process, those who have a Certificate of Completion or a certificate of attestation from abroad start from the determined grade.

There is no age limit for enrollment in Open Education High School.

a. Those who are primary school / secondary school graduates,

b. Those who left high school and vocational high schools,

c. Graduates from secondary education institutions

d. Those who have received an Equivalency Certificate from the Provincial Directorates of National Education or Education Attachés or Education Consultancies abroad who have one of the conditions stated in the articles (a), (b), and (c)

can apply to an open education high school program.

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