Procedures for Buying a Villa in Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Turkey, suitable for living in all seasons in terms of climate, attracts the attention of both domestic citizens and tourists for investment. Foreigners who want to spend their holidays in their residences in Turkey, especially during the summer months, prefer to go to luxury villas. What steps should you follow to buy a villa in Turkey at this stage?

It is the most logical way to choose the city you want to invest in first. Apart from the selected city, you should determine the advantages you expect or want.

It should be considered whether your villa should be close to the center or in a quieter environment.

Afterward, you can examine the villas directly proportional to your wishes with investment review tours free of charge.

Procurement permit documents are prepared.

When you decide to buy, a sales contract is prepared with the help of investment consultants.

Documents are created according to the customer's request for citizenship.

In the purchase transactions of foreign nationals, the documents required to purchase real estate in Turkey are taken care of before the title deed, and possible problems are eliminated.

Afterward, the title deed is transferred.

Trem Global, who knows the value of your money as much as you do, is always your assistant when searching and buying villas that meet the criteria you are looking for.

The Most Preferred Places for Villa Investment

The common point of those who love the metropolis crowd and those who dream of quiet sea life is to have a luxurious life of their own. While some want a large garden where they can host their large family, others prefer to have a pool where they can swim freely. Projects, either separately or together, are widely available in Turkey. You can examine the portfolios that suit your wishes.

Although the requests are more intense, especially around Beylikdüzü, Beykoz, and Sarıyer in Istanbul, you can find the prices by searching the region you want. Determining your wishes and budget for villa investment ensures that you are always subject to a fast process.

Besides Istanbul, Şile, Bodrum, and Muğla, especially preferred by those who want to lead a quiet life, conquer hearts with their touristic liveliness.

Villa Price Distribution in Turkey

Regardless of whether it is an apartment, residence, or villa, the quality and quantity of the house to be invested determine the price distribution. The prices of the villas are determined depending on the following situations.

Number of bathrooms and rooms

The extent of the garden or terrace

The proximity of center or beach

Qualities as landscape

The environmental factors of the chosen neighborhood affect the price distribution of the villas.

As Trem Global, we are with you in your villa researches in Turkey, and we guarantee the best service you can get thanks to our portfolio experts and investment advisors.

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