Procedures of Starting a Real Estate Firm in Turkey

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Procedures of Starting a Real Estate Firm in Turkey

Turkey has a thriving real estate market, with international investors establishing various firms in the country. Several sorts of enterprises may be formed in the real estate sector, ranging from the construction of residential and commercial structures to creating enormous areas for retail malls or hotels.

If you want to work as a real estate agent or consultant in Turkey, you must complete specific standards to receive and legally utilize your license. Unlike in the United States, these criteria are not affected by the state or province you reside in or want to work.

Qualification & Competence Program

In 2018, Turkey launched a new national occupational qualification and competency program in real estate to prevent different agencies and provinces from dictating licensing criteria and standardizing training. As a result, you are legally permitted to practice anywhere in the nation once you have obtained your Real Estate Consultant Vocational Qualification Certificate (Mesleki Yeterlilik Belgesi - MYK).

Main Activities of a Real Estate Company in Turkey

Most organizations in Turkey that provide real estate services are involved in aiding customers in selling and purchasing properties in this nation and offering real estate due to diligence services. These services do not require a license. Turkish enterprises can also engage in building operations; however, several approvals must be secured before work can begin. Among these is the municipality's construction permit.

Required Documents

To be able to take and pass the real estate MYK test, you will need to gather the following documents:

Form of application

A photocopy of your ID/passport (you will need a translation if not in Turkish) 

Two biometric photographs

A letter of undertaking (taahhütname) is now required as a result of COVID-19.

A high school or university diploma, which must be notarized.

Open Your Own Real Estate Office

Some real estate businesses or brokers in the industry recruit assistants or consultants regularly, so that's an excellent place to start and gain some job experience. It is also advantageous to be fluent in more than one foreign language. Some brokers may even agree to establish a contract with you and assist you with your work permit application if you pay your SGK payments monthly or work on commission alone. It would be preferable if you always negotiated the specifics.




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