Profitable Businesses in Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Turkey, the 17th largest economy in the world with full of a young and talented workforce. Turkey still has room for huge growth in its economy. With its strategic location, ability to produce high-quality manufactured products, rich natural resources, Turkey's economy will not vanish, even if it suffered a major loss in recent years. Turkey always had ups and downs but is expected to grow. Now that the Turkish Lira has suffered, it's time to invest and get the best of it in the upcoming years.

Global industries such as Oil & Gas, Construction, Information Technology, Automotive, Energy, Natural Stone Mining makes Turkey an attractive business center for investors. If you are looking to invest in Turkey's profitable businesses, here is a list of some of the profitable sectors of Turkey.


Like every other country, construction has become a profitable sector in Turkey. Especially the renovation projects started to take over the construction sector. Even if there are lots of construction companies, there is still a huge lack of environment-friendly and energy-efficient living spaces. Thus, investing in construction can be quite profitable if you do your research beforehand.


Turkey is a booming tourist hub. A sector that will never vanish in Turkey. There are so many historical sites Turkey has that it is nearly impossible to see them all. Muslims, Jews, Christians all have ruins or significant historical constructions in Turkey. Besides the historical sites, prepossessing landscapes and sceneries of Turkey make it a country that attracts tourists tremendously. So, if you are thinking of investing in Turkey, a tourism agency can be a great alternative for you.


As we said, tourism is a huge sector in Turkey, and the country attracts many people from all around the globe. Also, Turkey is a multicultural country, that's how the country offers such a huge variety of foods. Many people visiting Turkey will search for a comfortable place to sit and talk. Yet, you need to choose your restaurant's location carefully. Identify your marketing strategy, and you're ready to go!

Natural Stone

Turkey is a country bordered by the sea on three sides, therefore mountain ranges are destined to exist. Over one hundred varieties of stones including marble, slate, tuff, travertine, limestone exist in Turkey. It owns %40 of the marble reserves in the whole world. So, mining business would be a great idea. Keep in mind that you need to stick to the rules, and the regulations as you can get in trouble with the law.


Wherever you go in Turkey, it is possible for you to find a textile company as it is one of the most profitable businesses in Turkey. The textile industry represents approximately 10,8% of GDP, so you can take the initiative of starting a textile business in Turkey if you are interested. If the Turkish market is saturated, you may simply export your cloth to nations with similar cultures to Turkey.


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