Promising Sectors of the Turkish Industry

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The Turkish economy grows steadily according to the official data. It continues to offer investment and employment opportunities to local and foreign entrepreneurs or associates. Some of the industrial sectors that stand out with their promising future are listed as follows.




Due to its geopolitical location, national defense has a significant value for Turkey against potential threats. Thanks to technological advances in recent years, Turkey is able to supply its own industrial needs greatly in this field. Products and projects are produced and developed by accomplished companies such as Aselsan and Roketsan. With the state support given to initiatives to improve technological infrastructure, the Turkish defense industry continues to grow. In fact, according to the United Nations report, Turkey has become one of the largest exporting countries in the defense industry, following the USA and China.


Software and Information Technology


Understanding the importance of being a part of the digitalizing world, Turkey is taking important steps to produce software technologies. There are already many local and international companies operating in this field in Turkey. Besides, Turkey has become an even more attractive place by offering favorable opportunities for those who want to invest in this sector thanks to the economic incentives. Accordingly, Turkey's market share in the software and IT sector is increasing year by year.




Against China which seizes the global textile market with low production costs, Turkey stands out with production quality. Turkey has a natural logistical advantage thanks to its geographical location and it is one of the world's major countries in terms of export share in the textile industry. There are many garment manufacturing factories and clothing companies in Turkey. Domestic and foreign investors are given great opportunities in order to protect Turkey's influence in this sector. So, it seems like Turkey will continue to be one of the world's leading countries in textile.


Energy and Natural Resources


Facing the problems caused by climate change, the world is searching for sustainable energy. Turkey is also trying to go in this direction. Soon, oil and natural gas would be replaced by renewable energy sources such as sunlight and wind because of their costs and environmental damage. With the higher possibility of access to these resources, Turkey is coming to the fore as one of the ideal countries to invest in. The Turkish government also provides tax exemption to support the investors, aiming to reduce dependency on the country's energy usage.




In recent years, Turkey has become a country where patients from abroad choose to get the medical services they need. Turkish government reinforces this quality of the country with agreements made with other countries. Investments in this sector continue with the newly opened facilities such as hospitals and clinics. Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for medical tourism. It would not be wrong to say that this patient flow would continue to increase even after the pandemic.

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