Property Prices in Nicosia

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

City of dreams and peace, Nicosia sure is a wonderful city to live in. Shining with its countless different values and opportunities, who wouldn’t love to live in this land of beauty. As it successfully manages to provide a wide array of different qualities to its people, Nicosia is mainly preferred with its simplistic yet quite luxurious living styles. Capital of the island nation Cyprus, Nicosia has a somewhat rich history with many different cultures. As a result of its refined history and socio-cultural structure, Nicosia is a place where the influence of people across the globe could be easily seen. This refined type of life seen in Nicosia manages to leave everyone in awe, as they wish to have such reach to the life.

Centered inland in Cyprus, Nicosia has many advantages that are not easy to describe within a few words. One shining value that it provides to the residents of the city is that it essentially isn’t a “tourist haven” even though Cyprus is commonplace for tourists all over the world to visit. So, why isn’t Cyprus’s biggest city and capital doesn’t attract that many tourists you ask. The answer is quite simple: there’s no beach. A lot of people prefer a week of a perfect vacation in Cyprus for the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea, and no one would like an hour trip to the sea during their vacation. Apart from the traffic of tourists it receives with its historical structure and famous casinos, there isn’t much that makes Nicosia flood with tourists. So, to your advantage, during your life in Nicosia, you’ll get to live a peaceful life away from noise and crowdedness.

Each day especially during the global Covid-19 crisis, people’s understanding of a wealthy and peaceful life changed drastically. People now focus on a steadier life in a cozy place rather than the never-ending life of the city. Nicosia being one of these peaceful cities sure manages to receive a high amount of attention from those people. As the demand for great properties continues to increase in Nicosia, the number of future projects increases too. Even though finding the best that suits you the most could get a bit challenging, with the help of Trem Global, you now have a chance to find only the best properties there are left in Nicosia.

Average Unit Prices

In the last year, property prices in Cyprus overall saw a minor decrease of 2,5% and are maintaining its prices at the moment. As a valuable investment opportunity apart from being a perfect place to live in, the average price of an apartment in Nicosia is around 171,000 euros, and its rent is 567 euros monthly. The price of a house or a villa is expected to be around 514 thousand euros with a rent of 713 euros monthly. Offering low prices, investment in Nicosia sure is a profitable one. With its wide array of possible projects that could suit you the most, you now have a chance to live a life of joy and happiness in the great soils of Cyprus.  

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