Real Estate Prices in Istanbul

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Istanbul is the apple of the eye of many investors, regardless of long-term or short-term. Istanbul's historic streets, its status as a metropolis, and its numerous benefits in terms of job prospects all contribute to the city's popularity. Whether you own a home or an office in Istanbul, it will undoubtedly appreciate in time. The ever-increasing housing prices, in particular, encourage investors to buy a home in Istanbul as quickly as possible. There is not a single central place in Istanbul. Because every location in the city has a central and ever-changing framework.

Housing prices in Istanbul grew by 137.31 percent in February compared to the same month the previous year, according to statistics from Endeksa, a pricing analysis firm. The average house prices in Istanbul were calculated to be 771,765 Turkish lira according to estimations based on the city. The average dwelling size was calculated to be 115 square meters. While owning a house in Istanbul provides great advantages, it is also important to choose the districts whose rise gradually progresses to have the most profitable income.

Increasingly Valuable Counties

According to February 2022 data in Istanbul, the average ROI was determined as 16 years. However, after knowing the rising values of Istanbul, it is possible to reduce the return year to 5-6 years. According to the information we gathered from the statements made by economists, the districts of Istanbul that gained the most value in 2022 are as follows:






These districts were determined as the most valuable and preferred districts of 2022. Bridges, city hospitals, and new transportation systems built in Istanbul play the biggest role in the rise of these districts. One of the factors affecting the price indices is the fact that companies providing services around the world have moved their offices to these districts.

How to Buy Real Estate in Istanbul?

Although the number of people who want to buy real estate in Istanbul is quite high, the number of those who do not know which way to follow in this regard is also quite high. In this respect, it is best to consult investment specialists after a draft plan for the budget has been made. We plan your budget with our investment and legal advisors and give importance to your wishes. Trem Global turns your plans into reality. Don't forget to visit our website to look at our portfolios in the most distinguished districts of Istanbul.

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