Reasons To Invest In 1 + 1 Apartments

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

The number of branded housing projects is increasing day by day. 1 + 1 apartments in these projects draw great interest. This type of housing is preferred for both residence and investment property. It is attention grabbing that the best-selling housing type in qualified residences is 1 + 1. Why do 1 + 1 apartments draw attention? What are the advantages of investing in 1 + 1 housings? Although a house is bought for living, it is also seen as an investment tool. Therefore, it is important to gain value in case the house is sold in the future. Actually, it is calculated how much yield money in case of leasing. Because of for this reasons, the consumer is especially tend to 1 +1 apartments. These types of apartments draw the most attention in residential projects and they are sold more quickly. Because there are some advantages to investing in these types of apartments. The most important advantage of investing in 1 +1 apartments is that it provides the money back in a short time. In other saying, when these types of apartments are rented, they cover the expenses in a short time.

Especially in metropolitan cities, the number of such apartments is increasing. 1 + 1 apartments are very popular for investment. The most important feature that makes these types of apartments valuable in terms of investment is that they cover the expenses in a short time. In addition, this type of small apartments gain favour faster, which makes it easier to buy and sell in the second-hand market. Of course, there are other advantages to investing in 1 + 1 apartments. Here are 5 important reasons to invest in 1 + 1 apartments:

• 1 + 1 apartments are cheaper than other 2 + 1 or 3 + 1 apartments. Therefore, these apartments can be invested without the need for much budget.

• Also, as 1 + 1 apartments draw a lot of attention, there isn't much trouble when renting them.

• It isn't difficult to sell these types of apartments, which can be rented in a short time.

• The rental income of 1 + 1 apartments, which are among the qualified projects, especially satisfies the investors.

• It offers an economic life as they have a small area. In other words, bills such as electricity and natural gas are low and there isn't much expense because it requires less use of goods.

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Consider on recycling period

The most important factor is making profit after years after the apartment you bought. For example, you can calculate how many years your house will be in profit with the rental price you set for the house you bought for 200.000 TL. Of course, rental rates differ according to the neighborhood where the house is located.

The location of the apartment you plan to buy is important. If you are going to buy 1 + 1 apartment from the city centers, it is much easier to rent it. So you should also consider the conditions of the region. For example, if there is a university close to apartment, students will desire to apartment. If there is a trade center nearby, employees will want to rent the house. Not only the region, but also the age range is important. Since 1 + 1 apartments are usually rented by young people, you need to learn about the population demography of the location.

foreign businessmen and employees prefer to live in 1 + 1 apartments.

• Firms that don't want to host their guests in the hotel usually take these types of apartments and use them as guesthouses.

• These types of apartments are very useful for university students who come to metropolis like Istanbul to study at universities.

• Especially students prefer 1 + 1 apartments located near the university.

• People who work at an busy pace, living alone, newly married couples or families with one child prefer to live in these types of apartments.

• Officers who have to live in metropolitan cities in a certain period of time prefer this kind of apartments.

• People who want to meet their office and home needs at the same time also prefer these types of apartments.

Large versions are more preferred.

You should definitely calculate the square meter of 1 + 1 apartment you will buy for investment. You should learn the net and gross square meters in detail from the construction company you will buy. Generally, firms answer net and gross square meters questions. The smaller the difference between net and the gross, the better the usefulness of the apartment.

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