Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship Application

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Importance of Turkish Citizenship

Turkey offers high-quality life and limitless possibilities for its citizens with its natural beauty, cultural value, economic power, and geographical advantage. Turkey opens their doors for every people around the globe for Turkish citizenship. Being one of the most valuable citizenship due to the country’s geographical location and politics, Turkey offers many more valuable advantages for its citizens. Turkey allows visa-free entry to 77 countries, with the possibility of getting a visa at the border with 42 countries and many more passport advantages. Turkish citizenship proves its worth for everyone. Being a Turkish citizen benefits each person in a different way. While a business person may take advantage of the power of the passport by visiting countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, and many more without a visa, one another may find their peace living in their rich and soothing culture. By going through small procedures, Turkish citizenship is granted for both applicants and respected family members. The procedure for becoming a Turkish citizen is fairly straightforward, and we here at Trem Global do our best in order to help customers in this process.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkey offers various ways of access to acquiring citizenship. One of the fastest and easiest ways of getting Turkish citizenship is by investment. Turkey’s citizenship-by-investment program was launched in 2017 by government officials in order to increase the demand for citizenship, foreign investment and boost Turkey’s real estate sector. Getting citizenship both contributes to the person and country’s economy since Turkey is one of the most promising countries to invest in. Turkey offers various investment types. One of the most chosen ones amongst foreign investors is through real estate. Purchasing at least USD 400,000 of real estate is enough to become a Turkish citizen. There are other ways such as investing USD 500,000 to the capital contribution, depositing a currency equal to USD 500,000 to a Turkish Bank, depositing a currency equivalent to USD 500,000 to a Turkish government bond, and creating jobs for at least fifty people.

Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship Application

Application for Turkish citizenship is a process that should be done rigorously with the assistance of expert advisors in this field. Contact us at TremGlobal to receive professional support. Since there are various ways of becoming a Turkish citizen, each process requires a different set of documents. Let us examine each of them.

Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship Application by Investment

We have talked about the amount of investment that is required to apply for Turkish citizenship. If the investor reaches mentioned amounts, they will have to obtain these documents:

Application Form

4 Biometric photos that have been taken in the last 6 months

Passport, copy of passport and notary confirmed Turkish translation

Certificate of birth

Information of first or second-degree Turkish relatives, if any

Health report obtained from an official medical facility indicating the applicant has no infectious deceases

Payment of application fee

The civil status document, showing applicants’ marital status. A certified document showing the family relationship is required as well if married

Certificate of conformity (conformity of the acquired property that could be obtained from the Title Deed Department)

Receipt proving the transaction of investment

These are the documents that are needed in order to start the evaluation process of Turkish citizenship. Each document that is listed should be translated to Turkish by an approved authority. The Ministry will not approve the documents that are not translated to Turkish.

Documents Required for Acquiring the Turkish Citizenship by Marriage

There are some points that need to be taken into consideration for the people who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship via marriage. Turkish citizenship is not directly acquired via marriage. Foreigners who are married to Turkish citizens should be married for at least three years or more in order to apply. Documents that are required to apply are:

Application Form

2 Biometric photos

Certificate of birth

Original birth certificate/identity card of Turkish spouse

Original marriage certificate

Original birth certificate of the applicant and its certified Turkish translation

Notarized passport copies of applicant and its certified Turkish translation

If the applicant holds citizenship of another country, a notarized copy of citizenship document (such as; naturalization certificate, passport, identity card) should be submitted along with certified Turkish translation

Documentation showing the couples joint residency for the last 3 years (driver’s license, rental agreement, deed of trust, bank statement, utility bills, etc)

Certificate of good conduct or criminal record document obtained from local authorities with certified Turkish translations

8 color frontal passport photos of the applicant taken in the last 6 months with name and surname written on the back of each photo (All photos should be identical, computer duplicated photos are not accepted)

4 color frontal passport photos of Turkish spouse taken in the last 6 months (All photos should be identical, computer duplicated photos are not accepted)

Letters of recommendation from 2 Turkish citizens who are acquaintances of the applicant (Copies of the acquaintances Turkish birth certificate/identity card, home address, and telephone numbers should be presented with the letters)

Even though it is easy to obtain Turkish citizenship, all of these procedures should be taken care of in a careful manner. As TremGlobal, we do our best to satisfy our customers and help them with the utmost care in these procedures.

If you wish to gather and arrange these documents in the swiftest way without wasting any time, you could give us the proxy. Contact us now if you want us to handle the citizenship procedure with our professional advisors.

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