Residence Towers in London

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

While high-end condominium skyscrapers in the sky have long been associated with places like New York and Tokyo, the upper crust of London has always preferred period residences and mansions. Unlike other global cities, London is considered "low-rise" for a global metropolis and financial hub, with high-rise construction lagging well behind other global cities. However, the number of high-rise structures proposed and permitted for construction in London and several of the UK's main cities has increased in recent years. English locals, as well as international buyers, are finding the modern delights of residential towers, as evidenced by London's shifting skyline.

Towers are still a novelty in London, and living in a skyscraper confers a certain status. There were hardly any towering residential skyscrapers in London until 2009 or 2010. People are beginning to recognize the value of high-rise vistas now that there are a few to select from.

The Shard in Southwark, with 87 floors and 14 residences, as well as office space, a hotel, and restaurants; The Tower, One St George's Wharf, at 50 stories and 223 homes; and South Bank Tower, at 42 stories and 173 homes, are the highest residential skyscrapers constructed in London. Landmark Pinnacle, which will have 75 floors and 822 units, is one among the ten more in the development phases with more than 55 stories.

People who enjoy having a range of amenities in one area will like residence towers. The high-rise condo lifestyle frequently has everything you might desire, from children's playrooms, sports centers, and terrace gardens to pools, barbecue areas, and guest apartments. Excellent service, combined with beautiful views and fairly central locations make residential towers the ideal living spaces of the future.

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