Rights and Obligations of Landlords and Tenants in Turkey

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It is necessary to know some details and obligations very well to clarify the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant to prevent possible problems that may occur during the rental process. Landlord and tenant rights and obligations are specified in the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098. According to this code, tenants have some responsibilities towards landlords, except for the lease. Although not stated in the rental contract, every landlord and tenant must know these rights and obligations.


The landlord does not have the right to evict the tenant before the lease expires. Unless the landlord sends a notice to the tenant one month before the lease expires, the lease is automatically renewed and becomes an indefinite lease.

If the desired performance is not obtained from the house, the tenant can leave without waiting for the contract to expire. If the tenant has problems, he has the right to exit by stating a justified reason.

The property owner has the right to terminate the contract if the rent is not paid.

The partial or complete change of the lease is only possible with the written permission of the landlord.

Building Costs

The tenant can request from the landlord the things that need to be renovated in the rented house. The expenses made to correct the defects in the house. If the landlord directly fixes the fault, there is no problem. The tenant can pay by making the renovation and deducting the cost from the rental fee.

Discount on Rental Fee

If there is no hurry for the renovation or the elimination of building defects, the tenant can request a discount from the landlord. It is the right of the tenant to compensate for housing damages or to request a reduction in the rental rate.

Transfer of the Rental Property to Someone Else

The tenant has the right to lease the house, residence, or workplace to another person. The tenant's rights include the option of transferring, leasing, in whole or in part, on the condition of not damaging the home.

Fixture Renovation

The basic parts of the house and the renovation of the fixtures belong to the owner. If the tenant makes different changes or innovations according to his personal taste, it is the responsibility of the tenant.

Management Authority

In apartment management, house owners generally act as managers. However, tenants can also become managers with the power of attorney of the landlord.


If the deposit has been paid when the house is rented and the tenant leaves the house as it was received, he can receive the deposit. Deposit should not be higher than the sum of a maximum of 3 months’ rent. However, the tenant is not responsible for things that wear out over time, although maintenance, cleaning and fixtures must be returned in the same way.

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