Rules for Renting out in Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Persons who are not citizens of Turkey can reside in the country as tenants if they meet certain conditions. First of all, a rental agreement must be signed to rent a house to foreigners in Turkey. Although most information in the contract is common to all tenants, there are some differences for foreigners.

What is a Rental Agreement?

The rental agreement is a legal agreement that protects the rights of the real estate owner and tenant. Making a rental agreement is very important for both the tenant and the owner. Because both parties know for what purposes they will use the house and what rights they have. Especially in cases of disagreement, the matter can be referred to the court and a settlement can be reached without any problems. The tenancy agreement includes the following sections:

Tenant and property owner information,

Inventory information such as house and apartment keys or household items delivered with the rented real estate,

Special conditions.

According to Article 300 of the Code of Obligations numbered 6098, the lease contract can be made for a specified or unspecified period. According to Article 344 of the relevant code, if the rental agreement is made in foreign currency, the rent cannot be increased for 5 years.

What are the Special Conditions of the Rental Agreement?

In the special conditions section at the end of the lease agreement, various articles protect the rights of the real estate owner and tenant and state their obligations. These articles are:

When the lease ends, the tenant must accept the rate of increase in the rental rate specified in the contract.

The tenant cannot transfer the real estate to a third party.

Tenant is obliged to pay cleaning tax, invoices, and apartment fees.

The tenant cannot repair the house without informing the property owner.

Information regarding the deposit amount given by the tenant to the real estate owner must be included.

The end date of the contract must be specified. It should be stated that the lease contract will be considered renewed unless the parties are notified in writing 1 month before the contract expires.

Debts and expenses before the lease contract belong to the real estate owner, and the expenses and debts after the lease contract belong to the tenant.

The tenant agrees to comply with the decisions made by the apartment management.

Apart from the special conditions mentioned above, the real estate owner and the tenant have the right to add clauses to the lease contract.

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