Safest Areas in Istanbul in Terms of Earthquake Risk

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Istanbul is one of Turkey's earthquake-prone cities, and this situation worries some people. Experts predicting that there will be a major earthquake in Istanbul do not know exactly when the earthquake will happen. It is necessary to know that when the precautions are taken, an earthquake is not a natural disaster to be afraid of. We do not have the opportunity to take underground precautions against earthquakes; however, we can take the necessary measures above ground. If you want to choose earthquake resistant structures, you should pay attention to the quality of the materials. You should also look at the soil investigation reports of the area where the residence will be built. Another measure is to choose carefully where you will live. If you take into account the ground structure and the proximity to the fault line, you will be safer against earthquakes. Here is a list of safe areas in Istanbul in terms of earthquake risk to help you with your choices.

Safest Areas on the European Side






A large part of Esenler


A large part of Başakşehir

A part of Sarıyer far from the shore




Kemerburgaz – Gokturk

Safest Areas on the Anatolian Side


A part of Beykoz far from the shore

A part of Maltepe far from the shore


Şile would be the safest district after an earthquake.

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