Scholarship Opportunities in Turkish Colleges

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Many international students are studying in Turkey with scholarships. From scholarships for high school seniors to financial aid for college students, graduate school scholarships, postgraduate scholarships are all available for many different majors in Turkey. Scholarships in Turkey are funded by the Turkish government, universities, and other institutions. Government scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, health expenses and living costs. Candidates for scholarships are provided a university and academic program guide through Turkey Scholarships Information System (TBBS) during their application process.

Full-time Programs

These programs refer to a full-time degree which includes bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD courses.

Undergraduate Scholarship Program

It is designed explicitly for bachelor’s degree applicants in all kinds of majors, from law to engineering, humanities to arts. Almost all fields of education are offered except for two-year associate or vocational degrees.

Postgraduate Scholarship Program

This one offers a wide range of education programs across social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering at Masters and PhD levels. Almost all fields of education are provided for scholarships except for specialization in health sciences.

Arts Scholarship Program

Arts scholarship provides scholarship opportunities at bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD levels for international students in the fields of music, performing arts, and fine arts at Ankara University of Music and Fine Arts.

Performing Arts

·       Instrument Education (Bachelor’s)

·       Voice Education (Bachelor’s)

·       Music Sciences and Technologies

Music Technologies (Bachelor’s)

·       Music Theories (Bachelor’s)

·       Musicology (Bachelor’s)

Music and Fine Arts

·       Instrument Education (Master’s)

·       Music Sciences (Master’s)

·       Music Technologies (Master’s)

·       Music Theories (Master’s)

·       Musicology (Master’s)

·       Voice Education (Master’s)

·       Music Sciences (PhD)

Research Scholarship Program

The program is designed to encourage international researchers and academicians to do academic research in their own fields. The scholarship only covers between 3 and 12 months.

Turkish Language Programme for Public Officials and Academicians

This program is designed for foreign public officials, diplomats, academicians, and researchers who wish to learn Turkish and get closely familiar with Turkey. This program is not open to the public.

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