Shopaholics' Favorite: The Dubai Mall

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If there is one thing Dubai is known for, it is its shopping centers. Every year, this internationally recognized city competes with itself for the title of "world's largest mall" or "most stunning retail space" as it renovates and constructs larger and better shopping malls. Global brands swarm to this retail metropolis, drawing millions of shoppers from the Middle East and beyond to its spectacular malls.

The shopping malls in this city are spectacular, with some of the finest high-end brands, high-street names, and world-class attractions. So, whether you want to shop, see a movie, learn to ski, or go on an underwater adventure, Dubai is your city.

General Information on the Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall, which extends 5.9 million square feet and has over 1,200 stores, is a shopper's paradise. This magnificent mall is one of Emaar's most impressive structures, and it's easy to see why once you step inside.

Get a Glimpse of What is Expecting You

The Dubai Mall's list of over 1300 shops demonstrates that this shopping and entertainment center aims to gratify everyone who wants to buy souvenirs, handmade items, authentic Arabic garments, and so on. Visitors can purchase merchandise from a French department store company Galeries Lafayette, the British toy brand Hamleys, and the American Bloomingdale's.

Have an Exquisite Meal

Around 200 laid-back eateries, cafes, fast foods, and exclusive restaurants are located across the shopping and entertainment center's territory. Fans of American and British food, French and Italian cuisine, Japanese and Chinese cuisine, Indian and national Middle Eastern cuisine, as well as followers of a healthy diet and artisans, can grab a quick bite or linger over delightful dishes.

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