Smart Home Technologies in Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Smart home systems are becoming increasingly popular in the world. In Turkey, smart home systems are getting more widespread, and the demand for these systems is increasing. Smart homes bring a significant change in the lives of consumers by making traditional homes smarter, remotely controlled, and connected. Smart home systems are the technological systems that are planned to offer various services to the daily life of people, provide convenience to our lives, and provide us with multiple benefits in our homes in matters such as security and remote control in the future.

Global and Turkish Market for Smarth Home Technologies

The global market revenue of smart homes is expected to reach approximately $ 108 billion by 2021, and smart home technologies are expected to reach 221 million households with an average penetration rate of 12%. The current penetration rate of smart homes in Turkey is 5,4% and this rate is expected to reach 7,4% in 2021. It is estimated that the smart home market revenues in Turkey will reach approximately 650 million USD in 2021.

Benefits of Smart Home Technologies

Automation is an essential point in smart homes. Smart home automation refers to all parts of a smart home, from lighting to security, from heat to energy. This system ensures that an automated system does all these tasks we have listed. Smart home automation allows you to automatically turn off all lights even when you are not at home and automatically turn on the lights you predetermined when you are about to come to your home. The reason for this is to reach maximum efficiency by saving energy. Today, the gradual decrease in energy resources is one of the main problems threatening the world. It is something we all want to leave more energy to future generations and save the money we pay for the energy resources we use. Smart homes address this issue primarily and focus on minimizing energy waste. Smart homes especially try to take advantage of the saving mode feature of smart devices, turn off the device in unnecessary use, keep the curtain open during the light hours of the day, and with the optimization of heat, it saves almost half of the energy and serves the budget of the house. In addition to providing security in the home with devices such as fire sensors, smart homes also provide building security.

Security Purposes

When you have a smart home, many camera and sensor security systems will be a part of your smart home; it will provide you with a worry-free security service. You can control all smart home devices, from smart lock to smoke detector, from window detector to motion sensor, from flood sensor to smart sockets, from home or other mobile devices with IOS and Android software or from anywhere and anytime with a computer with the touch control panel of the system.

There are many smart home systems available. Turkey has become a smart home paradise for you to spend your life comfortably.

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