Social Welfare Programs in the UAE

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Shining land of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates is now a cradle of all the brightest people across the globe. Leading the World in countless different fields, the UAE manages to provide great opportunities for all of its residents. With great possibilities to do whatever you love in your style, freedom shines in the United Arab Emirates. There is everything for everyone in the UAE. With their attentive and hardworking government aiming to provide the best there is to its residents, you’ll never face problems not to be solved. And with the special numerous social welfare programs that are currently in action, you have the chance to get the support you need. Let us take a closer look at the social welfare programs currently present in the United Arab Emirates.

Social Welfare System of the UAE

There is currently a federally attained generalized social welfare system that takes special care of widows, divorcees, disabled, elderly, orphans, medically unfit, families of prisoners, financially unfit, abandoned women, and UAE nationals who cannot earn a living for reasons beyond their control. With a wide list of eligible people to participate in the social welfare system, the UAE manages to give the best care there is for people who need it. As only citizens of the UAE can generally take part in the social welfare system, there are some special exceptions for residents as well.

The amount and the value of the social welfare given to people in need are especially determined by the UAE cabinet and the advisership of the Minister of Community Development. If the social assistance receiver has any type of additional income, the amount will be reduced with a proportion but will not go below AED 625 per person.

The assistance amount may not be canceled or refused unless a court order is fulfilled by any family member of the family. If the applicant has filed any type of misinformation or misconducted their documents, the ministry has the right to stop the assistance and request back any type of given assistance back. If the social assistance receiver is not qualified to handle and attain such type of assistance in any possible way, a legal guardian must be appointed that will receive the amount on their behalf. The whole entirety of the assistance will be given to the beneficiary’s family upon death. 

Social Welfare Against Disasters

There are few special social welfare programs for the victims of disasters as well. From natural disasters to any other personal losses due to an individual’s out-of-control event, the UAE provides social assistance. Compensating their losses, the range of the assist is generally between 50% and 80% of total losses a person has. The ministry is also obligated to provide shelter and food for the victims of the disaster. With additional urgent cash aid and AED 300 per person affected each day, the UAE manages to do the best there is for its citizens.

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