Social Welfare Services in Cyprus

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Place where all life prospers with the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is the hidden gem of its region. Filled with all the necessary qualities that you need to have to sustain a peaceful life, the values that this island nation has to provide for you are limitless. The beauty of history and architecture, fine meals, and amazing beaches are only some of the bests of Cyprus. Apart from its characteristic features, the kindness of its society and the human-caring policies that its government has makes Cyprus a perfect place to live.

The active and social government manages to take excellent care of whoever needs their help. Assisting many people with the numerous different programs that they managed to adapt over the years, no one is left behind in the safe and calm communities that this island has to offer to you. Special care programs for the widowed, disabled, and the elderly are present, along with programs for people having difficulties finding jobs or facing financial problems. Let’s take a closer look at the social welfare services administrated by the Ministry of Labor of Cyprus.

Public Assistance, Old Persons and Persons with Disabilities

Accompanied by a set of services, public assistance for the elderly and the disabled present in Cyprus has specific goals and motives that it desires to fulfill. To safeguard and guarantee the well-living of each individual, the Ministry of Labor offers financial or other types of support to the vulnerable. Making sure that there’s a strong bond between the society and people in need, the social welfare services of Cyprus aim to contribute these people back into their respective communities. Strengthening each bond that these people have with life, Cyprus manages to make the world a happier place with its set of services.

Staff Development and Program Design

Instituted over the staff of Central Administration of Social Welfare Services, staff development and program design have a special set of goals in order to enhance the quality of the service that is given to the people who are in need. Implanting a set of special methods, educating individuals about the necessity of social welfare, researching and evaluating current results, examining statistical data, training many students across the country, and upgrading the services provided to the public are only a few operations Social Welfare System of Cyprus has.

Community Work

Cyprus government works efficiently by providing necessary community services. Safeguarding the peace that each individual has, social welfare service is taken with great attention.

Families and Children

To assist each family member with problems they might face, Cyprus state provides an effective and caring set of services. Resolving family disputes that might threaten peace in the community, social welfare programs aim to prevent and protect children from any harm, prevent domestic violence, and encourage people who need to seek shelter. Cyprus has a special set of social welfare services to support each community member with great care. 

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