Social Welfare System in Spain

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Everyone may need the support provided by social security benefits. Every country has a welfare system for the people in need. If you live in the country where you were born, you will be entitled to receive support. Here is how this system works in Spain.


Help for parents of children affected by serious illness

If you are the parents of a child affected by a severe disease like cancer, the Spanish system provides you with financial support. You can reduce your working hours by at least 50% to care for your child at the hospital.

Birth and child care benefit, risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you are going to be a mother, you can take paid maternity leave before, during and after your pregnancy. This permit is also available for fathers too. Mothers will also have permission for breastfeeding their baby.

Other family allowances

Suppose your monthly income is not over a specific limit, or you are a single parent with a large family with a disability, or you give birth or adopt two or more children. In these cases, you can submit your application for allowances. You can apply for each dependent child, foster child, or children over 18 with a minimum disability of 65%.



You can receive healthcare if you work and you are registered with Social Security. Your relatives can receive it too.

Temporary incapacity

You can apply for an allowance for temporary incapacity (caused by a common illness or non-occupational accident).


Permanent invalidity

If you have serious functional or physical disabilities which are permanent, you can apply for permanent invalidity benefit.

Accidents at work and occupational diseases

If you have injuries or damage from an accident at work or an occupational disease, you can apply for benefits. Support is also available for surviving family members of the deceased employee.

Old-age and survivors

Ordinary, partial and flexible retirement pension

You can receive financial support once you reach the legal retirement age.

Death and survivor pensions

If you have lost a family member you depended on financially, you should be aware that there are benefits for the surviving partner, children, and family members of the deceased.

Social assistance

Minimum income

Suppose you do not have enough income to live and have not previously paid any or enough. In that case, the Spanish social protection system has a series of available benefits so that you can survive.


Unemployment benefit

If you are unemployed but able and willing to work, if you have been dismissed due to cutbacks at your company, or your working hours and salary have been reduced between 10% and 70%, you can apply for financial support.

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