Steps for Citizenship Acquisition by Investment in Canada

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Canada is one of the developed countries that receive the most immigrants in the world. The numerous opportunities it offers to its citizens make this country a favorite of those considering applying for citizenship. You can also become a citizen by investing in this beautiful country. We have explained the citizenship application process in detail for those who want to obtain Canadian citizenship.

There are many options for applying for citizenship. Individuals who want to apply for Canadian citizenship must

born in Canada

have a mother or father who has Canadian citizenship

go to Canada in the Canadian immigration program

reside in Canada with a residence permit for a certain period

marry a Canadian citizen

apply for asylum in Canada

If you meet one of the above conditions, you can apply for Canadian citizenship. To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must have a permanent residence permit. The conditions that must meet after obtaining a permanent residence permit in Canada are as follows:

To live in Canada for 1,095 days (3 years) in the last five years. During this period, the time spent as a visitor, temporary employee, or student is also counted, but it is not counted as half a day every day and after one year.

To have lived in the country for three years, that is 1095 days, with entry and exit in the last five years, and to have made our income tax statement.

To show proof of language proficiency in one of Canada's official languages (English or French) if the person’s age is between 18-54. 

To take the Citizenship Test, which will show you know the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens, Canadian history, geography, economy, government structure, laws, and symbols, and answer at least 15 of 20 questions correctly.

Citizenship Acquisition by Investment

Canada is one of the countries that provide citizenship to individuals through investment. For Canadian paid citizenship, individuals must show that they have at least 800,000 CAD savings.

Applicants are entitled to receive unlimited residence permits by investing at least CAD 400,000 in Canada. With this residence permit, individuals who have resided in Canada for at least three years within five years have the right to apply for citizenship.

This investment does not guarantee citizenship to individuals. Individuals must complete their residency period and meet all citizenship requirements under the immigration rules set by the Canadian Government. Otherwise, the citizenship application may result in a rejection decision.

Citizenship applications are evaluated at an office within the Canadian Embassy. However, applications for different regions are handled from different offices. For the regional investor category, applications are made to the region and within Canada to whichever region is desired to go to.

To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must purchase an application package. There are separate packages for adults and children. Parents can apply at the same time as their children, or they can apply for their children after obtaining citizenship themselves.

The Canadian citizenship application package contains instructions and forms to fill out. To avoid any problems with your citizenship application, you must follow all the instructions in the application package and fill in all the forms correctly. You must also have paid the application fee.

To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must be eligible for Canadian citizenship on or before the date you apply. If all your application documents are not prepared correctly, or if some information is missing, your application will be returned to you. After completing these deficiencies, you will be asked to re-apply.

After your application process gets completed, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Offices may contact you via e-mail or postal channel. If your application for Canadian citizenship is approved and accepted, you will be informed that your application has been accepted. In addition, a guide (Discover Canada) will be sent to you. After this stage, a date will be determined for the citizenship test and interview, and you will be informed about what documents you need to have with you on this determined date. The final stage of the Canadian citizenship application is the citizenship ceremony. After your application is accepted, you must continue to meet all eligibility requirements until you take the citizenship oath at the citizenship ceremony you must attend.


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