Steps for Citizenship Acquisition by Investment in the UAE

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

The United Arab Emirates has become one of the most livable countries in the world. The privileges and opportunities that the country offers to its citizens attract many with each passing year. Many investors want to become United Arab Emirates citizens, especially as it is an investment paradise. UAE is one of the countries that grant citizenship to investors. If you want to get UAE citizenship by investing, you should read this article.

There is a law in the UAE that allows investors to be granted UAE citizenship to specialized talents and professionals, including scientists, doctors, engineers, artists and writers, and their families. The citizenship law is aimed to attract talents who will contribute to the development of the UAE. The evaluation of citizenship applications is made by the federal government and the seven Emirates that make up the country, and dual citizenship is granted to eligible foreigners.

The way to get citizenship in the United Arab Emirates is through buying property. It is possible to become a citizen by buying property. However, if you are someone with many patents, or if you are an experienced doctor or technical person who is very expert in his field, or if you are an important name in the world, you can get citizenship here. Investors who apply for citizenship must own property in the UAE. The house must be in the person's name only. Only the title deed owner of the purchased house can apply for a residence permit. In addition to a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Economy, they must also hold one or more patents approved by the UAE Ministry of Economy or other reputable international organizations.

Advantages of the United Arab Emirates Citizenship

A UAE national man who wishes to marry a UAE national woman receives $19,000 in support.

There is an opportunity to completely reset their debts for those in need.

In some cases, the UAE government clears all Emiratis' debts ahead of Eid.

Education is completely free.

The government provides scholarships and financial support to successful students who study abroad.

Free land is given to those who want to build houses.

Electricity and water bills are supported by the government.

Priority is given to finding a job in public institutions, and the same applies in some private sectors. Emiratis entering the job earn much more than foreign workers.

Emirati passport is one of the passports that provides visa-free travel to most countries in the world.

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