Steps for Citizenship Acquisition by Investment in the USA

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The US has always been a country of opportunities and attracts many people for work and residency every year. If you’re one of those people, continue reading this article about the steps for US citizenship by investment. Investing is one of the most reliable ways to become a US citizen. Like most routes, this requires an EB-5 visa. This visa program consists of two different investment options. These investments can either be a regional center project or a direct project.

Regional Center Projects

Regional centers are organizations approved by the US government. They provide services to help foreign EB-5 investors manage their investments. For regional centers, you must invest at least $900,000. And you must create full-time employment for at least 10 US workers. Lastly, active management is not required for regional projects.

Direct Projects

With the route of the direct project, you should take the risk of setting up your own business. You must make an investment of $1,8 million in a new commercial enterprise. You must create full-time employment for at least 10 US workers, and you must actively manage your business day to day.

Filing the I-526 Petition

The I-526 Immigrant Petition is filed by the EB-5 investor to demonstrate that they are in the process of investing in the US or have already invested the required amount in an EB-5 project. This petition form must be filled right, or it can cause a delay or rejection of your visa. I-526 petitions are usually prepared on behalf of EB-5 applicants by an immigration attorney. This process usually takes 12 to 18 months.

Get Conditional Residence

After the approval of I-526, you may apply for an immigrant visa. After submitting the application for an immigrant visa, you and your family will be issued conditional permanent residence for 2 years. This 2 year period can be considered as a test run for living in the US. This process requires the physical presence of you and your family, and you must not stay outside of the US. Your compliance in this period will be evaluated to determine if you have met the required eligibility for the removal of conditional status.

Become a Lawful Permanent Resident

Before the expiration of your conditional resident status, you need to file a petition to remove the conditions on your visa to become a permanent resident in the US.

Apply for the US Citizenship

After 5 years of lawful permanent residence, you can apply to become a US citizen.

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