Study Abroad in Canada

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Canada is home to the world's prestigious educational institutions. Every year, many students from all over the world choose Canada for their study abroad plans. Of course, the quality of Canadian educational institutions and the successful policies of the country are effective in this.

Wherever you choose to study, you'll love experiencing Canadian life. Despite the rugged environment, Canada is a highly developed country that ranks high in economic and human development indices. Not surprisingly, Canada has been voted the best place to study abroad two years in a row.

Also, Canadian people are a very tolerant society, which means international students are welcome wherever they come from.

Higher education institutions in Canada are divided into college and university. The duration of the training is four years for most departments. The education period of health, law, and some technical departments can be 5-6 years. It is not possible to say anything clear about fees, because school fees differ from province to province. It is also possible to study in Canada with a scholarship. Many universities have scholarship programs created to encourage students.

Canada's official languages ​​are English and French. Therefore, students who receive a university education here can also improve their foreign language. The education system may differ depending on the provinces.

The Canadian education system is among the leading ones in the world in terms of the importance it attaches to research. Compared to the higher education systems of many countries, the Canadian education system can be seen to be more flexible. Regardless of the degree of education, students are given multiple options to choose from. Therefore, students can freely choose the subject they will study.

The academic terms of universities in Canada are mostly between September and May. There are two or three semesters in a year. There is no special exam for university entrance. Universities determine their student admission requirements, and each student is evaluated separately.

Requirements for the Application File

• Language proficiency exam results (IELTS, TOEFL)

• Grades

• Diploma or graduation certificate

• Documents showing academic achievements

• Documents showing social achievements

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