Study Abroad in Cyprus

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Cyprus' sunny beaches, luxury hotels, and excellent tourism facilities have made a considerable contribution to a top-notch education system in Europe, with low tuition fees and a wealth of facilities and advantages. There will be no problem finding outstanding Cyprus bachelor's and master’s degrees, which meet international universities' criteria around the world.

Affordable Education

After Denmark and Sweden, Cyprus spends more than 7 percent of its GDP on education, the third-highest percentage in the EU.

The educational system in Cyprus has its characteristics as in every other country. Not surprisingly, Hospitality Business and Tourism are the most popular disciplines offered by the universities of Cyprus, but there are certainly not limited to all the degrees offered.

Even if Cyprus is part of the EU and Bologna, many schools and universities have an American educational system, allowing students to pick and change their courses. It affects both students' free time and the charge, as the more minor subjects you are studying, the less you pay.

Cheap Accommodation and Affordable Facilities

For a successful and comfortable study, students are given the required conditions as well as accommodations support. The lodging system is supposed to provide newcomers and foreigners a space in a dormitory, but the 'first come, first served' approach is still common. Every major university and university has a dormitory, which costs 150 EUR per month for lodging. Apartments are costly to rent; however, financially challenged students can request help from the institution to find homes and apartments to live and share with four additional people.

Great Universities to Choose

Several governmental and private universities in the country provide studies in several subjects, from business and medicine to computer science and tourism. Some of the international students' most preferred universities:

University of Nicosia

Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine

European University Cyprus

Ctl Eurocollege

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