The Hotel Comfort of Ritz Carlton Residences, Bodrum

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Aksoy Ventures laid the foundations of a new life on a 126-decare peninsula in Bodrum Yalıkavak in 2013. The 75-unit life is being built by the South African architectural firm SAOTA and is intended to be of the highest caliber and luxury. One of the most well-known companies in the world, The Ritz Carlton, operates in this area that was constructed by a group of specialists in innovative and open-plan living architecture. The villas, where every last detail is carefully considered when building them, promise to breathe fresh life into the Ritz Carlton philosophy. 

This initiative, situated in Bodrum, Turkey's tourism hotspot, enables people to live lives they could never have even dreamed of.

Villas Offering Comfort

The project is the new favorite of those who want to take a breather in the magnificent view of Tilkicik Bay. Each of the villas in the project, which will surprise even those familiar with the comfort of luxury is a supporter of free living. The villas, waiting for those who want to create a space for themselves and desire a lively life in this area, are generally offered in three types.

Open Terrace Villas

The pool and sun terraces of the Open Terrace Villas, dispersed around the island, attract their owners. It is enhanced with a terrace and a pool, much like all villas. Additionally, it has been constructed in a convenient location from which swimmers may take in the scenery. It is built with an open-plan living room, much like all villas. The comfort is increased by the jacuzzi on the patio of the master bedroom on the first floor. There are 33 open terrace villas in the project, varying between 469 and 510 sqm. Villas with this feature come in three different types.

Type A

There are three bedrooms in the 3-story A-type villas, including a utility and a laundry room. Within the project, there are 15 villas that offer 481 m2 of private living space.

Type B

Each of the six villas in the project has an area of 510 m2 and has three floors. There are three bedrooms, a utility room, and a laundry room. 

Type C

Type C villas have two floors, each with an area of 469 m2. As in other open terrace villas, there are three bedrooms, a utility room, and a laundry room.

Courtyard Villas

Courtyard Villas have in-courtyard pools that are protected from the wind and are mostly found on the northern slope of the peninsula. For the villa owners to enjoy the expansive sea view, shaded terraces are constructed in the front open living areas. It serves five types.

Type A

Each of the A-type villas with four bedrooms has an area of 538 m2. In the 3-story villas, there are three bedrooms, a utility room, and a laundry room designed according to needs. There are nine villas of this type in the project.

Type B

The service features of these villas, which have an area of 537 m2, are the same as A type. There are five villas of this type in the project.

Type C

Each of these villas, which has the same number of rooms as other types, has an area of 580 m2. The difference from other types is that it is built as two floors. There are four C-type villas in the project.

Type D

Each of the villas, which serves in the same way as other types in terms of the number of rooms, has an area of 546 m2. There are four villas of this type, built as two floors, in the project.

Type E

It was built as a two-story villa with an area of 580 m2 each. There are 7 E-type villas in the project.

Linear Villas

The front row and top of the peninsula are where you'll find Linear Villas, which have a stunning outlook. You can use the sundecks and covered courtyard areas of the linear Villa. Additionally, by emphasizing the widest façade features among all villa kinds, it offers the chance to experience the pinnacle of luxury and privilege.

Type A

Each of the 680 m2 villas has 5 bedrooms, a utility room, and a laundry room. These villas with 2 floors are included in the project as 8 units.

Type B

Each of the B-type villas, which have the same number of rooms as the A-type, has an area of 706 m2. This type, built as two floors, is included in the project as 5 units.

Social Amenities Coloring Life

Ritz Carlton Villas, where individuality is emphasized as much as serving family life, aims to make life beautiful. The social facilities of the villas, which give the gift of enjoying every moment, are at least as many as the villa options. The unique sea of Tilkicik Beach becomes the home of those who dream of a holiday. In addition to the restaurant with a rich menu, the common pool that offers the opportunity to socialize will be indispensable for friendships.

While the natural ponds and terraces provide a regular view, the children's club for children responds to the needs of families.

Sunset Terrace and Pier and magnificent views are among the countless beauties offered to the villas. It continues to enjoy the opportunity to take a breather on the quiet terrace or to dream at the Recreational North Terraces and Pier.

For those who dream of doing sports in nature, the Walking Track and Fitness Center are also included in the project. In addition, thanks to the concierge and lounge service, residents will feel that luxury is a breath of fresh air. In the project where every need is considered, there is also a spa, meeting room, and a qualified media room. Every detail has been considered, and a dream-like project has been realized.

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