The Importance of Turkey's History and Future

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The Importance of Turkey's history and Future 

Turkey, as geopolitical location linking Europe and Asia and is considered one of the world's most important countries. Oil and gas-rich Caspian region and Middle East to be close to the source of energy is one of the important elements that make Turkey's position. This location and rich natural gas to Turkey, a major consumer of petroleum resources in terms of European countries makes a direct transit country. China emerged as a new global power, known as the modern Silk Road "Belt and Road" Turkey is considered one of the main actors in the project. More than 65 targeted the country's economic and cultural life and vitality gained Belt Road initiative also aims to make Turkey a transit country. The high level of development according to the region where, having a democratic regime is transformed into an island of stability in the region Turkey. Not far from the dominant culture to both eastern and western Turkey is shown as a model of inner turmoil.

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A Reliable Pass Route

Political, economic and military power of Turkey in terms of security of energy supply makes it an ideal transit point. For this reason, the EU sees Turkey as a reliable energy transfer route. There are many pipeline projects such as Bakû-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline (BTC), Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP) and Turkish Stream. These energy transition in the near future, which will become a base for Turkey looks quite profitable in economic terms. For the EU, on the other hand, it means a safer energy supply and a decrease in energy dependence on Russia, which has not been doing well in recent years. European countries in the west of Turkey in eastern Turkey, Anatolia are considered the safest way to have access to rich energy resources in countries in the south. Turkey has already signed major projects also support this role. Marmaray project, Eurasia Tunnel, Yavuz sultan Selim bridge, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project and Istanbul airport Project are among the most important transportation investments. Another bridge that brings the two sides of the Bosphorus together is the Çanakkale 1915 Project, which is still continuing. 

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European Vision

Turkey, a candidate for EU membership, cooperation with the EU is doing many regard as a country. Including the case of Turkey it is stated that the EU may be a more effective global power. After leaving the reorganization of Europe along with the UK it is expected to reconsider relations with Turkey in this context. European security since it begins from Turkey, often highlighted by European politicians. In 2015 Greece and the Balkans over the influx of European immigrants began in 2016 with Turkey, the European Union (EU) between readmission agreement is signed. In this context, visa liberalization is expected for Turkish citizens in EU countries. Political relations bumpy at times, though it is known that Turkey's EU membership is a fully integrated economically. Customs Union came into force in 1995, it is an important contribution to the competitiveness and productivity of the economy of Turkey. Today, between Turkey and the EU has a trade volume of over 150 billion euros.

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Relations with China 

Today, China is known as a superpower by many experts. There is the “Belt and Road'' initiative which is the second largest economy of the world announced as the ''project of the century''. In this context, China creates economic corridors by supporting infrastructure development projects on the old Silk Road routes. Thus, it supports growth and employment both in China and in the countries invested. In this project, Turkey and the European Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and will connect China 'Central Corridor' is taking place in the region. Once the corridor is completed, trade time is planned to be shortened and trade volume along the corridor is expected to increase. When the volume of investments to Turkey from China for the year reaches 2021 is expected to reach 6 billion dollars. In terms of geographical and geopolitical position of Turkey, which has great significance, this initiative has to offer trade, investment, wants to take advantage of the opportunity to access the international market.

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Turkey's vision of future

Turkey, an ally of the European Union candidate country and the US is expected to play a major role in global affairs over the next 25 years. Turkey is part of NATO, during the Cold War is considered by Western authorities to play a vital role in the defense of Europe. Turkey's westernization adventure 96 years ago also possible to connect the establishment of the Republic actually we need to look back over 200 years to Ottoman period. During the Ottoman period, many reforms were carried out first in the military field and then in political, economic and social life. However, the conversion level political identity Ataturk's Turkey carried out the acceptance period enables Westerners. Turkey, its strategic location, with strength and vitality is seen as one of the four most important members of the NATO alliance. Britain, France and Germany with Turkey stands out in terms of military power after the United States. Turkey as in the past, for the foreseeable future, the Balkans, the Caucasus is known to be critical for the stability of the Middle East. In the world of the future, instead of the unipolar world established after the Cold War, a multipolar world order and regional powers are mentioned. Today, the largest democracy in the Middle East as the most important modernization, industrialization and urbanization process with Turkey is taking its place as a regional actor. 

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