The Largest Underground Shopping Complex in the World: PATH

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The Largest Underground Shopping Complex in the World: PATH

PATH Underground Shopping Mall is a shopping and entertainment facility with subterranean pathways for 17 miles (28 kilometers). According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the world's most extended underground shopping center.


What is Expecting you at Path?

Around 1,200 stores and services are available, as well as cafés and restaurants where you can have lunch and explore some of Toronto's major tourist sites. Even if you aren't shopping for anything specific, wandering around the mall's walkways is a fun experience because it feels like you're entering a maze. You'll come to 60 places along the way when you'll have to choose between turning left or right, continuing straight on, or returning in the direction you came from. At each crossing, color-coded signs will assist you in making your decision.


Visit Path

While PATH has over 1,200 shops, it also connects pedestrians to several public transportation stops and accommodates roughly 100,000 commuters each day. The PATH system also links more than 50 offices and large buildings, including the CN Tower and Rogers Centre.


The complex is open 365 days a year, with business hours varying by location. If you're looking for a specific store or planning a visit to PATH, we suggest downloading the official PATH map to help you explore the shopping complex.

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