The Most Beautiful Beaches and Bays (Coves) of Bodrum

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Bodrum, known as the paradise of blueness is considered one of Turkey’s most important tourism region as leisure and entertainment center. It’s located in the Mediterranean Region of the country. Bodrum is home to many beautiful bays, regardless of its small surface area. It affects holidaymakers with its magnificent bays and beaches, this beautiful province combines the enviableness blue of the sea and the emerald nature. Here are the most beautiful beaches and bays of Bodrum which offered a unique holiday experience to visitors with both the view and the beauty of the water.

Kargıcak Bay

The untouched natural beauty of Kargicak Bay, which impresses people at first sight resembles an Aquarium with its turquoise color, cleanliness and clarity. The most beautiful shades of green and blue get together in Kargıcak Bay, which is among the most beautiful beaches and bays of Bodrum.

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There is grit on the bay. The sea has sudden deepening structure and its water is cold and less saline. There are no facilities in the bay. Therefore, it is recommended for who want to spend time calm and serene with nature.

Beach of Mazı Village

There are three bays in Mazı Village. Çakılyalı Bay known as one of the most beautiful bays in Bodrum with gathering the beauties of the sea and greenery and compressing them into a small bay. It is also possible to camp in this small bay where there are lovely pensions with a garden. The sea of Çakılyalı Bay, which can be go swim between the rocky is clean and clear. 

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Due to its rocky structure, this bay doesn’t exposed too much wind and the sea is waveless and calm. The Inceyali and Hurma Coast Bays that separated by a rocky stretching out the sea are larger than Cakilyali Bay. The Bay has a stony coast and its cleanliness and calmness of the sea fascinates the visitors. There is a grocer within walking distance in this bay, which is a perfect place for looking for peace. The bay won’t make the visitors feel sorry with these features. It is known as the preference of families with children thanks to its calm and waveless sea.

Akvaryum (Aquarium) Bay

The Akvaryum is famous for its hyaloid clear water where every detail of the sand can be seen. It has become a haunt area for boat tours.

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Altough the sea becomes sandy or stony in some areas, it’s not noticeable thanks to magnificent beauty of the sea. Small trees host the visitors in their shades in this beautiful bay and you can find peace with its calm and waveless sea in the greenery. Akvaryum Bay is among the most beautiful beaches and bays of Bodrum and marine species can be seen without need of rift swim mask.

Bardakçı Bay

This magnificent bay which is 10-15 minute walking distance to the center of Bodrum is also very close to Gümbet which known as an entertainment center. The beach consists of silt and the sea is usually warm.

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This magnificent bay which among the most beautiful beaches and bays in Bodrum has a entrance fee. Bardakçı Bay which is a clear and clean like an aquarium and can be swim with fishes is located in Eskiçeşme. There are many hostels and hotels for the visitors in the bay where the swimming is usually under the control of hotels or hostels.

Karaincir Beach

Even if Bodrum is generally known for the coldness of its sea, this beach called the coldest one. Even in the hottest weather, the hyaloid sea which cools visitors with its icy water is one of its most beautiful features.

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The bottom of the sea and the coast consists of silt, golden sand. The beach is being cleaned by private enterprise is an opportunity for the beach.

Aspat Bay

Aspat Bay, which has a magnificent beauty intertwined with nature is a first degree protected area. There is only one enterprise in this bay which is like heaven in Bodrum. Even if the entrance fee prevents overcrowding alittle, it can be get crowded at times like festive holidays. 

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Aspat Bay that is covered with silt which the beach and the sea bottom fascinates the visitors with view and the green nature. The fact that the water is quite cold turns into an advantage in hot summer months. It is said that it is highly probable to see sea horse or other marine species with rift swim mask while swimming among the greens in the magnificent shades of blue.

Peksimet Beach

Peksimet beach, which is among the most beautiful beaches and bays of bodrum welcomes visitors with the most beautiful shades of blue and green areas. The best feature of Peksimet Beach is its magnificent sea and natural beauty. The sea usually becomes waveless and calm.

The temperature of the sea, which doesn't wave except in windy weather is not as cold as in other bays. The seaweeds have seen from the deep areas create a very interesting sight from above. There is no facility other than a few restaurants in this bay which is not crowded most of the time although it is a public beach.

Cennet Bay

Cennet Bay is one of the most famous bays in Bodrum and it takes place on boat tour routes. It is in a magnificent nature among pines.

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The turquoise color of the rocks makes it possible to enjoy swimming in the sea and this bay is considered the most beautiful bay in Bodrum. There is no facility in this bay, which can also be got accessed from land. This bay, which fascinates visitors with its calm sea like a Lake and magnificent views is frequently preferred by families with children.

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