The Most Famous Wedding Places of Istanbul

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The couples who have decided to get married look for stylish places for wedding ceremonies to organize on this very special day, where their wedding will take place. Wedding usually takes the form of a very crowded organizations in Turkey. Neighbors, friends, relatives and acquaintances are invited to this special day. Each couple takes great care to make today's crowning of their union more beautiful. Places that can meet the expectations of couples are carefully selected. Istanbul is the largest metropolis of Turkey and it has quite stylish and decent wedding venues. For those planning their weddings in the most beautiful places of the city, here are the most famous wedding places in Istanbul…

Fuat Paşa Mansion

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Fuat Pasha mansion is located in Sarıyer, directly opposite the Bosphorus and its view is worth seeing. Fuat Paşa Yalısı also has indoor and outdoor areas with views of the garden. The couples and guests who get married at the mansion in the paradise corner of the Bosphorus, the pearl of Istanbul, receive tremendous service. They enjoy this special day with a magnificent view. In Fuat Pasha Mansion, the organization proceeds perfectly with music, food and decorations. In order to enjoy the scenery better, it is recommended to prefer this place in spring and summer months.

Shangri-La Bosphorus

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Shangri-La Bosphorus creates a blend of Turkish hospitality and Far Eastern culture and fits unique experiences into a magnificent wedding organization. Couples' dreams are realized by considering every detail and unforgettable day. This wonderful place is located in Besiktas.

Cıragan Palace Kempinski

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Cıragan Palace Kempinski is the only palace hotel in Istanbul that once housed the sultans. It welcomes its guests in Besiktas in the best way with its decoration and unique Bosphorus view. Çırağan promises couples and guests an unforgettable wedding. The private suites also offer a romantic honeymoon opportunity. With its pampering service, magnificent views, elegant decoration and famous marble staircases, the palace is easy to engrave. Cıragan Palace, which is indispensable for elite weddings, continues to host its guests with care. 

Adile sultan Palace

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Adile Sultan Palace is one of the most famous wedding places in Istanbul. Uskudar hosts carefully organized special meetings such as weddings, gala and cocktails. Offering a piece of Bosphorus unique view, the palace can offer a stylish ambiance for weddings in all seasons with its magnificent view, quality of service and spacious halls.

Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus

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Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus promises the wedding of every couple's dreams by attracting attention with its structure dominating the Bosphorus. It has a very majestic view in Besiktas. Conrad plans an excellent organization for couples who will step towards happiness, service quality, beautiful halls, experienced chefs and staff will become the indispensable address of both traditional and contemporary weddings.

Divan Fenerbahce Faruk Ilgaz

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Fenerbahçe Faruk Ilgaz is located in the district of Fenerbahçe on the Asian side of Istanbul. Besides its delicious menu, Divan hosts wedding invitations with its location and service without compromising on quality. Located in Kalamış which is one of the most beautiful bays, the facility is also preferred with its technological equipment and eye-catching party arrangements after the wedding.

Grand Hyatt Istanbul

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Inviting married couples and guests to the charm of Istanbul, the city of history, culture and flavor, Grand Hyatt Istanbul is considered one of the most prestigious wedding venues in Sisli, with its emphasis on contemporary design and service quality. The symbol of eternal love and togetherness makes these special wedding days fascinating for everyone.


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Casamento is one of the most famous wedding venues in Istanbul.  is located next to Fuat Pasha. Casamento is located in Hamamizade Mustafa Bey mansion which is a part of Ottoman history in Sarıyer. It is an unforgettable wedding day thanks to everyone who contributed to the organization by doing their job with love. Casamento's capacity can be up to 300 - 350 people.

Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus

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The Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus provides an unforgettable day with charming details created with elegant touches to couples who will marry with the magnificent Bosphorus view. It is considered one of the most famous wedding venues in Istanbul. The hotel is located in Besiktas. The hotel combines the blue of the sea and the green of the garden and contributes to the atmosphere of the historical peninsula.

Cubuklu 29

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Cubuklu 29 is located in Beykoz on the Asian side of Istanbul. Serving only for special invitations and weddings, the place stands out with the quality of its organizations. The food, drinks, service, music and all the details take place at the invitations. In addition to its location, decoration and food, it also enhances the quality of music to make this special night of guests and couples unforgettable. Thanks to the sound insulation, the end of the entertainment does not come in this place where the organization can last until morning.

Moda Sea Club

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Moda Sea Club is located in Moda on the Anatolian Side, one of the most chaste areas in the city. It is one of the most renowned wedding places in Istanbul for all kinds of engagements, weddings, business meetings and similar events. With its 76 years of experience and the quality of service it continuously develops, it impresses the guests with its excellent sea view and every stylish detail.

Esma Sultan Mansion

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Esma Sultan Mansion is located in Ortakoy. It was built in the 18th century in the name of Esma Sultan, daughter of Abdulhamid I. This place, where it is possible to come by boat from the sea, combines the magnificent Bosphorus view and a fascinating wedding organization. It is possible to plan unforgettable events in all the twelve months of the waterside, which is among the most famous wedding venues of Istanbul.

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