These Are the Next Emerging Real Estate Markets

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

The real estate sector is a large investment group that is evaluated by every country in the world. It is the sector that both stimulates the economy and enables the country to progress in terms of structure. While Turkey ranks first in the countries where the best investments will be made in 2021, the United Kingdom and the United States of America are in the first places in 2022. According to the common conclusion of many finance and real estate experts, these countries will have a special place in the real estate market in the world. The United Arab Emirates, Canada and Cyprus also seem to be among the countries gaining momentum. Especially the business line and tourism affect the level of preference of these countries.

The Cities to Trend in Investment in 2022

The Developing Trends in Real Estate Report, which has become one of the most widely read forecasts in the real estate sector, has also been published for the year 2022. According to this report, the cities that will become a trend are concentrated in U.K and U.S. The list is as follows:

1.     Nashville

2.     Raleigh/Durham

3.     Phoenix

4.     Austin

5.     Tampa/St. Petersburg

6.     Charlotte

7.     Dallas/Fort Worth

8.     Atlanta

9.     Seattle

10.  Boston

Of course, apart from all these, it would be correct to list the cities with the most preferred rate in the real estate sector for the last five years, although they are not included in the list as follows:

Las Vegas/ Nevada






Although these cities are not on the top list, they are places that have proven themselves on the rise, according to the Urban Land Institute, the world's most talked-about real estate network.

Aim for the Best in Investment

Based on these lists, it can be said that demand is directly proportional to needs. Suburbs close to the center places with good health services, cities where tourism continues to live will always be in the spotlight. If you are considering your investment on a large scale, you should target it in the best and most profitable way. Trem Global, which will assist you at every stage in this regard, is always your supporter.

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