Things to Do in Chinatown, London

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London is a magnificent city which has a large variety of lifestyles within. One of the most exotic ones is, of course, Chinatown. Being alive and a magical part of the city, you should know that there are some things you must do during a visit to Chinatown in London. In this article, we are going to cover Things to Do in Chinatown!

First Things First

You need to see the four Gates. Welcoming you to Chinatown, these gates are located at the boundaries of the district. Each of them has its unique design, and each one of them is a sight to see. Decorated by the colors of green and blue, the fourth gate located on Wardour Street is the most magnificent among them all.

The second thing you should do is shopping, of course! Chinatown is full of exotic, beautiful goods and foods! From bakeries to trinket sellers, ornate paper lanterns to Maneki-Neko statues, you can find various things. Maneki-Neko is the cat whose paw is constantly waving and believed to be bringing good luck and fortune.

As you may have guessed it is also the right place to buy exotic Asian spices and sauces. If you are looking for a way to “spice things up” in your kitchen, you should add visiting a spice shop in the area to your Things to Do in Chinatown list.

Last but not least, Chinatown offers exotic cuisine! Not a surprise, of course, but you should give China kitchen a chance if you ever set foot in this place. Far traditional choices might be a bit extreme for you, but you have lighter options available.

Attend to Chinese New Year

Every day is a good time to visit Chinatown. However, during Chinese New Year festivities it is a mesmerizing scene. The entire neighborhood transforms into a celebration with colors, music, and dance! Amazing costumes, mesmerizing food, beautiful music, and an exotic Asian soul can be seen all around!

It is an amazing occasion where British and Chinese culture mixes and creates a synergy. Seeing a meters-long dragon walking the streets is not something you can see every day. Usually, it is held in January and February. However, it is best to check before attending or making any kind of plans.

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