Things to Do in Chinatown, Toronto

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Things to Do in Chinatown, Toronto

 With over 200,000 Chinese residents in Toronto, this vibrant and colorful neighborhood attracts visitors hoping to shop and dine in restaurants. Chinatown, which dates back to 1878, is one of Toronto's oldest and most vibrant neighborhoods. Bustling produce markets spill out into the street. Countless businesses and food stalls, neon signs, and diverse cuisines can all be found there. Here is what you should not miss when you are in Chinatown.

Spadina Avenue

Spadina Avenue is home to the most delicious restaurants in Chinatown. The cuisine is also very diverse, ranging from Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants. Many visitors pick this avenue to have a tasty Pekin duck.

Festivals in Chinatown

The Toronto Chinatown Festival and a Chinese New Year celebration are two famous festivals held in Chinatown. Since its start in 2000, the Toronto Chinatown Festival has featured traditional and modern Asian dance groups, bands, performers, Asian street cuisine, and other vibrant entertainments.

Explore the Shops and Galleries

The ideal way to explore Chinatown is to walk around it and visit the several small stores and herbal shops. In addition, the Chinatown district is adjacent to the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is always spectacular, and the quirky Kensington Market. Bau-Xi Gallery, one of Canada's best commercial art galleries presenting Canadian and foreign artists, and Art Square Gallery, which also has a pleasant café with an extensive menu, are located in the neighborhood.

Street Art in Chinatown

The cityscape of Chinatown is colorful, thanks partly to the themed artwork that can be found throughout the area. For example, dragon sculptures can be located at the north, and southbound Dundas Street stops on the Spadina streetcar road. These sculptures are twisted into figure eights, a Chinese numeral that symbolizes luck. Several Chinatown murals may also be found in the lanes along Dundas between Spadina and Beverly.




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