Things to Do in New York’s Chinatown

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Located in lower Manhattan, Chinatown is home to the highest concentration of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere. Not only a home to Chinese-Americans, but Manhattan Chinatown is also one of the main attractions of New York City. With its history and unique structure, you do not want to miss visiting Chinatown while you are in New York. Here are some things to do in Manhattan Chinatown.

Temple Mahayana

Located near the Manhattan Bridge, Temple Mahayana is the biggest Buddhist temple in New York City. One of the main places to visit if you want to taste the Chinese culture. Buddha statue is a must-see. You can also pray in this temple, it is open to the public. They also have Buddhist services in this unique Chinese architecture.

Jing Fong

If you are looking for a traditional Chinese restaurant, Jing Fong is the one for you. From noodles to seafood, rice to dim sum, you will find everything you want to try in this huge Cantonese place.

Super Taste

Located in the middle of the Manhattan Chinatown, Super Taste is the best place for hand-pulled noodles. A lot of visitors also recommend the soups of this humble restaurant.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Nom Wah Tea Parlor is the oldest running and the first-ever dim-sum restaurant in Manhattan Chinatown. They serve the dim-sum in Hong Kong style.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

After a fulfilling meal, now it is time for a delicious dessert. A family-owned ice cream shop, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory mixes usual ice cream flavors with traditional Chinese ones. You can find very interesting flavors like black sesame, ginger, durian and green tea here.

Aji Ichiban

Aji Ichiban is a candy heaven located in Manhattan Chinatown. You can find local snacks and candies from all over Asia here. You can also find dried fruits, dried nuts and even dried seafood in Aji Ichiban.

Canal Street Market

Canal Street Market is a carefully curated retail market, food hall and community space located between Soho and Chinatown. You may find food vendors similar to the ones in South Korean markets. Also, with its open-air-bazaar feel, you can shop from unique boutiques and clothing shops. Canal Street is a huge market and it is a must-see.

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