Tips For Home and Workplace Safety

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One of the most basic needs of people is security. As the needs rise to the second level of Maslow's hierarchy, the needs are getting a little more complicated. At this level, security and safety needs become first. People want control and order in their lives, so the need for safety and confidence greatly contributes to this level of behavior.

Some of the basic security needs are:

Financial security

health and wellness

Safety against accidents and injuries

Finding a job, getting health insurance and getting health care service, savings account, moving to a safer neighborhood are examples of actions motivated by security needs.

It is very stressful and anxious to live where isn't taken security measures. Therefore, the necessary basic safety measures should be taken both in the working environment and at home. Nobody sleeps without closing the door, this is a requirement of security. There are many measures to be taken to ensure workplace and home security. These measures include steel door system, alarm and camera system, modern lock systems, smart shutter system and more different security technologies.

Pursue a Comprehensive Recruitment Policy

You should conduct a comprehensive recruitment policy that includes criminal record and reference checks. This is important to ensure workplace safety. At the end of the process, you should make sure that you get the original or copies of all relevant documents and certificates from the candidate you intend to hire.

Apply Employee Access Control

If you want to track where and when your employees are going or want to limit the areas they can access, you can use an access control system managed with keyless go. This system allows you to easily disable access when an employee loses his/her card or break with the company.

Benefit from Workplace Safety Trainings

You should create a comprehensive workplace safety training program that includes proper storage of your important documents, protection of your passwords and securing your building. If you need, don't forget to get professional support on the subject.

You should implement a standard access control policy for your server room. You should limit entries to the relevant area to those who have security permissions.

If you have computers that aren't in use, disconnect and remove them. Make sure all your important documents are stored in locked file cabinets. You should use a locked box for all unused copies of printed documents and documents waiting to be fragmented.  

Take Your Printers under Protection

Modern printers used in today often store documents in their built-in storages. If you don't want documents to be accessed if a printer is stolen or attacked, you should make sure that your printers are located in a safe place.

Check All Entry and Exit Points Regularly  

You should keep in mind that out of order elevators, opened reception areas and insecure fire escapes can give criminals an easy access to your workplace. You should do the necessary maintenance and repair works without interruption. You shouldn't neglect to regularly check all critical areas to entry or exit points.

Take advantage of a powerful alarm system  

It is important to have a comprehensive security system for businesses. Considering the losses that may occur, it is the most powerful step among workplace safety measures. Workplace security systems not only prevent theft, but also provide a chance to track personnel and guests with viewing options. It provides the employer with timely and correct intervention to the events. It has been proven to be highly deterrent. Let potential intruders notice that there is an alarm system in your workplace. Make sure that each entry and exit point has signage related to your security system.

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Security Flaws in Windows

Strong doors and windows protect the house against natural elements such as sun, wind, rain, storm. It also prevents intruders, such as thieves against entering the house. If you are sitting downstairs for windows, you can have a guardrail, you can also use a lock. As for the door, there are a wide variety of possibilities today, and these allow you to feel your room relaxed.  

Don't give the impression that you're away from home if you're out

It is not very difficult to guess whether a house is empty, if it doesn't have high walls. For example, if the flowers in his garden have dried up or magazines and newspapers have been stacked in the mailbox, litter has accumulated around the garden and the garden has been left neglected, they may surely think that someone hasn't been in that house for a long time. So you have to give the impression that you are at home when you go on vacation or a long trip. What can we do for this? First of all, you should avoid piles of brochures and documents that can be seen in front of the house, in the outer door or in places that can be seen like a mailbox. In short, you should cancel all newspaper and brochure deliveries before going on holiday. If you don't leave your garden neglected, it requires a little more tedious operations. If you have the opportunity and want a modern garden irrigation method, today there are irrigation systems that meet this need and do not need you. In this way, you can provide the necessary care for your garden by getting help from the timer feature of the irrigation system.  

You should keep your valuable Articles  

You shouldn't leave your valuable personal bootys such as antiques and jewelery at home, especially during long trips. Putting them in a bank account is still the best way. If you can't do this, you should definitely get a safe. If you can't get it, you should entrust it to a relative you trust. Thus, you will be more comfortable when you go on long journeys, and when you come back, you won't encounter a surprise.

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