Top 10 Countries Preferring to Purchase Property in Turkey in 2020

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Turkey has become an attractive market for almost all countries in the world. Turkish real estate market is one of the most popular markets for European and Central Asian countries with its advantages. Turkey has a very important position in the real estate market and offers significant opportunities to investors. These opportunities and incentives in recent years have attracted foreigners. Citizens of 184 different countries have bought real estate from Turkey so far. Turkey had a success in 2020 in real estate sales despite all the troubles, especially the coronavirus pandemic. When the effects of the pandemic begin to diminish in Turkey, international real estate sales will gradually increase depending on the recovery process. According to a study, Turkey is the second-fastest growing country in the real estate sector after New Zealand during the pandemic.

Recently, there has been a severe increase in demand from countries such as China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Senegal, and Dominican to Turkey's real estate market. At the same time, there is a significant amount of investment from European countries. After many years, investors from countries such as France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain started to buy houses in Turkey. 9,469 people from 105 different countries acquired Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate from 43 different cities. By the end of 2021, the number of people who obtain Turkish citizenship is expected to approach 20,000.

40,812 houses were sold to foreigners in 2020. Istanbul took first place in sales to foreigners with 19,175 houses, and Antalya took second place with 7,735. Ankara followed Antalya with 2,746 house sales and Bursa with 1,340.

Most sales were made to Iranian citizens in 2020. Iranian citizens bought 7,189 houses from Turkey in 2020. Iraq with 6,674 houses, Russia with 3,078, Afghanistan with 1,929, and Azerbaijan with 1,279 followed Iran. Statistics of other countries are as follows:

Germany: 1,265

Kuwait: 1,231

Yemen: 1,181

Kazakhstan: 1,171

United Kingdom: 1,126

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