Top Istanbul Districts for Investment

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Investing is the safest way to keep your money or even profit with it. The real estate industry is regarded as the most dependable investment option since it is governed by more precise budgets and calculations. Moreover, Istanbul, which has always been a favorite city, is one of the main investment centers. 

Which district in Istanbul should you invest in, and which are more advantageous?

Although the answer to these questions can change according to the investor's expectations and budget, some districts are on the top of the list.

The Best Investment Districts of the Anatolian Side

The Anatolian Side is among the preferred regions because it is always more intertwined with nature and calm. Although the districts on this side, called Old Istanbul, are always popular, a list of the top five that has preserved its reputation for years can be made. 


Üsküdar includes the magnificent Beylerbeyi and the Maiden's Tower, filled with legends. Investors who value comfort are researching this area because it has a sea view from practically every location.


Ataşehir has always been attractive thanks to its economic opportunities, excellent housing, and educational facilities. The atmosphere in Ataşehir appeals to those who want a more refined way of life.


Those who enjoy movement in their lives particularly prefer it for its spectacular residences, beaches, and cafes. It is excellent in terms of both rental and long-term earnings due to its rising value.


Because of its Byzantine Empire-era history, Maltepe is regarded as a historic area. It comes in first place for investment because of its proximity to the key regions.


Sarıyer is one of the favorite districts of Istanbul. It attracts investors due to its location close to both business centers and entertainment venues.

The Best Investment Districts of the European Side

The European Side is portrayed as the more central location of Istanbul in terms of business. New environments that are available for evaluation also bring new projects. The top five districts that investors like best are as follows.


Surrounded by museums and active life, Beşiktaş offers valuable advantages to investors. Especially mansions are among the most popular investments.


This district is a great choice because of its residences and transportation advantage. The majority of business centers are found in Mecidiyeköy, which presents excellent investment potential.


Beylikdüzü, a rising star in recent years, has evolved into heaven for modern-styled construction projects. Beylikdüzü is a stop for all investors that take the amortization term into account.


Opportunities are available in Bahçeşehir, preferred in terms of socio-economic factors for every price range. As a result, investors view Bahçeşehir as a flexible investment location.


Esenyurt, where developments like plazas and houses are centered, has seen a tremendous degree of attention, especially in the last two years. Its value as an investment has been rising quickly.

If you want to get detailed information about these districts and learn about advantageous projects, you can contact Trem Global.

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