Trending Istanbul Districts for Real Estate Investment

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Located in the Marmara Region, Istanbul is at the top of the list of the most attractive cities in Turkey. It fascinates every person with its history and culture. The fact that it is economically developed has also been effective in immigration over the years. Turkey's metropolitan city, Istanbul, always has an important place in the real estate market. Istanbul has become the focal point of investors due to being the center of business and trade.

So, is it a logical choice to buy a house anywhere in Istanbul? Are investment opportunities the same in each district? Of course not. There are ups and downs in the real estate market. As it's a metropolitan city, Istanbul is more exposed to these ups and downs. Although real estate is a long-term and safer investment option, there are certain times when each district is more advantageous. 

Investors who consider the period of redemption take action by following the ups and downs in Istanbul. New projects and job possibilities in different districts ensure that they are sought for which rises their value. In this article, you can find the trending districts of Istanbul that have been highly preferred recently in terms of real estate investment.


Until now, Başakşehir has attracted attention as a quiet district. However, the innovations that were made in the district have caused movement in the real estate market. Important institutions built in the area, such as the Istanbul Airport and the city hospital caused new profitable real estate projects to emerge. Başakşehir draws attention as one of the districts that should be evaluated, especially in terms of commercial real estate.


Beylikdüzü has experienced a great breakthrough in the real estate sector in recent years. Especially the increase in the shopping centers in Beylikdüzü has positively affected the establishment of business centers. On the other hand, with the emergence of qualified residential projects, families have started to see this district as a privileged choice for real estate investment.


Arnavutköy has been a popular real estate investment destination thanks to Terkos Lake and its lush surroundings. This district, originally a village, is a popular choice among those seeking to invest in a profitable area and lead a comfortable life, especially since it is a newly popularized region.


Beyoglu is always a profitable district with a different mystery on every street. Preferred due to its central location by foreign investors, Beyoğlu is adjacent to antique movie theaters and provides easy access to many historical sites.


Finally, Üsküdar is among the districts that are famous when it comes to real estate investment in Istanbul. Drawing attention to its beautiful beach and lively identity, Üsküdar has become a socialization center with many real estate projects.

Istanbul is a multi-identity city that offers different opportunities in each district. As Trem Global, we offer you various projects in each district and the privileges of each project. You can get information by visiting our website or look closely the real estate opportunities by coming to our office.

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