Turkey’ Technology Development Bases: Technocities

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Technocities which were established for the purpose of producing value-added products and bringing dynamism into the technology of Turkey, increasing in number with the cooperation of university industry. It is aimed to increase the grants and incentives to 4 billion dollars to the Technocities that have exported 4 billion dollars to date.

The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, which has increased its initiatives and investments to increase the number of techno-cities referred as technology development zones, aims to increase the number of techno-cities from 84 to 105 in 2023, the number of patents to 2 500, and grant and incentive supports to at least $ 4 billion. Turkey's international competitiveness will increase with Technocities, and besides the use of technology and the transfer of technology, Turkey is expected to be the country with R & D and innovation, developing technology in the ecosystem, exporting.

University-Industry Cooperation

With the Technology Development Zones, where universities, which are the centers of innovative information production in innovation, meet with industrial organizations, the transformation of academically produced information into commercial products, completion of incubation periods of technology-oriented start-up firms, encouraging the development of firms with grants and supports, and other firms and synergy for the national economy are aimed. Turkey, which has a brief history compared to other countries in terms of technology, aims to be the epicenter of innovative technology in the region by making significant developments after 2001 and increasing the number of technicities from two to 84, giving directions to a total of 5,219 firm's research and development activities and ensuring the employment of 50 thousand R & D personnel.

Techno-cities that develop medium-high and high-tech products are used in universities or organized industrial zones; develops products in software, informatics, machinery-equipment, energy, electronics, chemical and defense sectors.

The Best Technocities; ITU, METU, CYBERBANK

METU Technopolis, ITU Arı Techno city and Cyberpark are among the most successful technology development zones established to e prepared for the revolutionary developments that technology will bring. Techno cities, which contribute to Turkey's competitiveness and technology, are also supported by political power to create integrated ecosystems for the country's industrialization policy, technology and innovation. It is known that ITU Arı Technocity has the 2nd best incubation center in Europe and the 3rd best incubator center in the world.

 In the past, while most companies preferred to invest in technology development zones to receive more tax incentives, now, companies are setting up businesses in technology development zones to take advantage of the enriched environment, research and development consultancy, technology transfer, and close collaboration with universities.

It is known that the working conditions created in Techno city also affect the profitability, success and happiness of the employees. Turkey’s technology development zones are visited by both foreign and domestic investors, by this, they develop their customer portfolio and provide establishment of new cooperation. The highest expectation of the companies in this regard, is getting into international markets. These centers teach how to commercialize an idea and compete in international markets. Companies are also being helped to open an incubation center in the US Silicon Valley.

Specialized Techno Cities

Entrepreneurs that operate one or more areas are offered investment support with specialized TechnoCity model in Turkey. Dokuz Eylul health Specialized Technology Development Zone in Izmir, which was declared to be so after the release of the R & D reform package, is Turkey's first specialized technocity allocated for companies to do research and development in the health sector. The second one of the specialized techno-cities known as thematic technology development regions where entrepreneurs operating in the same sector group and sub-sectors within this sector group is engaged in research and development in the agricultural sector as Mersin Agriculture and Food Specialized Technology Development Zone.

Turkey's Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, which is among the country’s vision projects and in the national strategy documents, Turkey's first thematic Technocity, is established to 3.5 million m2 area. Research and development in the field of communication technologies, transportation technologies, financial technologies and cyber security are being carried out in the valley. With the national technology move, Valley is expected to play a leverage role in the ecosystem. In this way, global and local innovation, technology transfer centers, universities, research institutes, international and national investors and funds, all non-governmental organizations, joint efforts are aimed to lead technology-based development.

While the Smart Cities Research Laboratory Cooperation Protocol was signed between Huawei and the Valley, Chinese technology giant Huawei will set up an R & D team and develop joint solutions with the IT Valley. Researchers and engineers to be employed here are expected to be the pioneers of new technological breakthroughs and it is estimated that when the first stage construction is completed, 2 thousand people will be provided and when all stages are completed, approximately 100 thousand qualified people will be provided with jobs and employment.

Silicon Valley will the first of the centers that will convert science to technology and technology to product to add strength to Turkey's power and produce high value-added products and new technologies. With the completion of the ecosystem with financial support and investor network, it is targeted to generate 50 billion dollars turnover by hosting 5,000 R & D and software companies.

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