Turkey’s Top Sectors in Terms of Export in 2020

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According to the General Trade System (GTS), exports increased by 16% to 17 billion 844 million dollars in December compared to the same month of the previous year, thus achieving the highest number in the history of the Turkish Republic. Turkey ended 2020 with exports of 169,5 billion dollars which is a great success for Turkish exporters.

During the pandemic, Turkey has faced great difficulties like the whole world. However, in order to get through this process with the least possible loss, the state mobilized all its means and these efforts worked. Despite all the difficulties, Turkish exporters showed significant resistance in foreign trade in 2020. 17,8 billion dollars of exports is a concrete indication of the strength and dynamism of foreign trade of Turkey. With the export worth of $ 169,5 billion in 2020, the Medium-Term Program's target of $ 165,9 billion for 2020 was exceeded. In 2020, the number of exporters in the country increased by 3,6% compared to the previous year and exceeded 87,400. In this respect, the number of exporting companies increased by 7,5% in December compared to the same period of the previous year.

The automotive industry ranked first place with exports worth $25 billion 549 million throughout 2020. Chemicals ranked second with $18 billion 263 million, and ready-made clothing ranked third with $17 billion 143 million.

In terms of export increase, the ship and yacht sector ranked first with 31,9% compared to 2019. This sector was followed by fresh fruits and vegetables with 20,8%, and fruit and vegetable products with 8,8%.

The export of the industrial group, which constitutes 75,3% of Turkey's total exports, decreased by 7,6% in 2020 compared to 2019, reaching $ 127 billion 645 million 230 thousand.

In the agricultural sector, which constitutes 14,4% of total exports, $ 24 billion 369 million 143 thousand worth of exports were realized with an increase of 4,3%. In the mining sector, $ 4 billion 272 million 391 thousand worth of exports were made, which corresponds to 2,5% of total exports.

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