Turkish Citizenship: A Shortcut to Relocate in the USA and UK

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Looking for an easy way to relocate in the USA or UK? Turkish citizenship is the answer. Relocating in the USA and UK can be challenging and pretty expensive. Having Turkish citizenship is the best and inexpensive shortcut that you’ve been searching for.

Under the ECAA or Ankara Agreement, Turkish citizens can move to the UK and establish a business there. After that, citizens can apply for permanent residence.

Ankara Agreement is an agreement between Turkey and European Economic Community and allows Turkish citizens to establish businesses or become employed in European Union countries. After starting to work in the UK, Turkish citizens or passport holders will be eligible to apply for permanent residence in the UK without any problem. This agreement is about business, so if you’re willing to relocate in the UK, you either need to establish your own business or you can work in the field that you stated on your visa. Turkish citizens who enter the UK with the Ankara Agreement visa can apply for indefinite residence after working for a total of 4 years.

But how can a resident become a Turkish citizen? You can join the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP). Many residents and investors join CIP to relocate in the UK. For getting Turkish citizenship (the key for UK citizenship), investing $250,000 is the most inexpensive way. If you directly invest in the UK, you have to spend at least £2,000,000. So, if you invest at least $250,000, which is the minimum price, you will be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship right away.

Lastly, for relocating in the USA, the route is similar. Citizens of a country with the E-2 visa agreement with the USA can easily relocate in the USA. For an E-2 visa, residents should invest a business in the USA (approximately $120,000 worth) for the application. The E-2 visa is valid between 3 months to 5 years and can be renewed without any limit. Again CIP is the best way to relocate in the USA because the minimum investment value in the US is $900,000, which makes the Turkish citizenship the easiest and the cheapest.

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