Turkish Contractors on Oversea Projects

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The contracting sector has grown in Turkey after the foundation of the Republic. After 1923, domestic companies started to play a role in manufacturing and investment activities. Turkish contractors are engaged in contracting works, especially in the Middle East and North African countries, and have started to work worldwide and have done important projects. In 2016, Turkey ranked second in the Top 250 International Contractors list.

The Turkish contracting sector is a global actor today, despite the political and economic fluctuations in the world, thanks to its entrepreneurship and rapid mobility. Turkish contractors undertook $ 14,4 billion worth of work abroad in 2020. If some tender procedures are completed, the figure may exceed $ 15 billion. The number of projects undertaken since 1972 has reached 10,525, and the amount of work has reached 418,7 billion TL. These figures caught during the pandemic are a sign of success. The achievements show that the level achieved in the international activities of Turkish contractors is continuous. Turkish contractors are working on expanding in the market, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as traditional markets. There are also efforts for some new Asian countries, Azerbaijan, Europe, the USA, and the Far East countries.

Also, the construction materials industry will reach the target of 500 billion dollars in 2023. It has set a target of 100 billion dollars within the scope of export. After the 1950s, the contracting sector started to be active abroad with trained and qualified personnel. The construction sector contributes significantly to growth and employment as well as exports of goods and services within the scope of overseas contracting services.

To increase the strength and brand value of the sector abroad, the companies are trying to take on more important roles abroad, not only as contractors but also as investors. In addition, Turkish contractors make projects to sell to the Turks, especially in European cities. Besides, comprehensive studies and research are carried out under the leadership of the Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) to pave the way for contractors to make construction in many countries, especially in Africa.

Turkish businesspeople meet the needs in many areas such as textile, furniture, construction materials, food and also provide employment in the shopping malls they build. Besides, Turkish contracting companies have built important stadiums in many countries such as the Netherlands and Russia.

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