Two New Districts to Invest in: Silivri and Çatalca

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?


Fifteen years ago, the population it had was around 45.000, yet it reached 165.000 recently, and during summer it climbs to almost 500.000 people: Silivri is the latest favorite district of the investors. Investments of two major construction companies, Saral Construction and Sinpaş, along with projects of Kiptaş and TOKİ attracted attention of future investors. Silivri is likely to become a center of tourism, technology, logistic activities and commercial businesses as it is located near E-5 and E-6 highways besides the ongoing subway and tramway projects. It is also stated that once the construction of the subway is completed, Metrobus services will begin in Silivri. Certain parameters determining the value of a particular district are accessibility, topographic structure, whether it is coastal or not, its infrastructure and the amount of squatting in that area. Silivri has no squatting problem and will meet all of these criteria when new transportation projects are brought into life. 


Çatalca used to be a district of agricultural activities and small to medium scaled industrial operation, but it faced a massive transformation recently due to three major projects: Northern Marmara Highway Project, the third bridge and Istanbul Canal known as Kanal Istanbul. Additionally, the third airport project is likely to affect Arnavutköy, Kemerburgaz and Çatalca districts in that order. In the past three years, land prices rose up by 50%. Entrance-exist activities to the third bridge boost the trade operations in the free zone and the new custom area. The new custom area is built on Muratbey neighborhood where the prices rose dramatically, but still are more reasonable than Arnavutköy. Çatalca is the biggest district of Istanbul in terms of survey area and is ready for real estate investment projects that will gain more value in no time.  

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