Urban Transformation in Turkey

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Urban Transformation concept aiming to transform into the city more livable, completed in selected regions of Turkey and makes the development of Turkey's economy. The successful implementation of the transformation process from creation of new businesses in the real estate sector, the whole world is turning its eyes to Turkey.

Preoccupying Turkey’ plans, "Urban Renewal" concept is one of the things that is in agenda for a long time. When the transformation processes of cities and their effects on the economy are evaluated, it is necessary to understand what urban transformation is and to know what it is not.

Urban transformation, in its simplest form, refers to the transformation of cities. This transformation includes social, economic and spatial elements. When these factors are considered, it means that the people living in the city and their living spaces become more livable and the unhealthy structures are demolished and rebuilt. Successful realization of this organization, which means redesigning cities, needs to be worked in harmony with the owners of the process. As a new city and space design will be realized from the start with the urban transformation process, illegal and demolished dwellings will be destroyed and modern and earthquake resistant buildings will be built with a strategic point of view.

Conservation of Historical Structures

The above-mentioned conversion process will provide new employment opportunities for workers in the services and construction sectors, especially the urban transformation process will contribute to the Turkey's economy with increasing number of employee. In another aspect, the elements that disrupt the urban fabric are eliminated and the urban spaces are provided a chance to breathe. Urban transformation, which aims at preserving the historical textures and transferring them to the next generations, causes the green areas to become more prominent in the redesigned urban plan. Urban transformation projects, which become more habitable places with green areas, also create playgrounds and sports facilities for children.

In addition to the new employment opportunities in the construction sector, urban transformation projects that accelerate the white appliances sector are expected to take a large share of the tourism and air transport companies with positive externalities.

The World's Model Country: Turkey

This process is adopted and embraced by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and urban transformation projects especially in Istanbul, continues at full speed. With the support of local administrations, urban transformation offices explain to the residents, what is urban regeneration and what is not, and how the families living in urban regeneration areas will benefit positively from the process.

In Turkey, especially in İstanbul, the urban transformation projects that were supported by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, are being observed by professionals coming from France and Egypt to solve urban problems in cooperation. The explanations of these professionals about taking Turkey as model in urbanization, and the positive results of urbanization to the country’s economy and Turkey’s being leading country in the construction sector show that Turkey’s urban transformation projets are being watched from all over the world.

Playmaker Country in Construction Sector: Turkey

the world leader in the construction sector, Turkey, is after Chinese companies and business areas by successfully completing the projects. In the last years, while many economic countries are facing economic crises in 2019, Osmangazi and Yavuz sultan Selim bridge, the Marmara Project, Eurasia Tunnel, Istanbul airport, and many mega projects were actualized. The bridge along with the Dardanelles (Çanakkale) whose construction will begin soon, Turkey is conducting in more than 50 countries with close to 270 projects owned by Turkish contractors. Turkey, which plays a leading role by having incomes from export, overseas contracts and domestic incomes making 300 billion USD in total, will also appear as a playmaker in the re-planning of Syria and Iraq.

Benefits of Urban Transformation

When we sort Urban transformation’s contribution to Turkey's economy, the noticeable effects and benefits are going to occur in the next period:

  • Gradually increasing living standards
  • Increasing number of green spaces and parks for children and families
  • Minimizing disaster risks by constructing earthquake resistant buildings
  • Increase in the number of people working in the service sector
  • Increase in the number of people working in the construction sector
  • Realization of environmental regulations
  • Increase in tourism revenues
  • Positive growth of economic indicators and the spread of vitality to the economy
  • Increased country reputation
  • Many foreign investors buying real estate or real estate actions to contribute to the national economy as Turkish citizens
  • Approximately 200 business activities are revived and transferred to the economy.

It is expected that activities such as transforming the areas at disaster risk, demolishing, rebuilding, repairing or moving many structures will benefit many businesses through the urban transformation process.

Disasters and damages brought by earthquakes and floods in Turkey increased social awareness as to prevent them. Constructing new cities by moving buildings in areas that are not suitable for settlement, and mitigating risks with nature-friendly buildings despite the fact that they are located in the earthquake zone of the country, provide better opportunities for construction. The quality of building materials is another important dimension. Turkey has a worldwide reputation in this field.

Turkey is planning on a national scale plan of the city, preserving agricultural areas and residential places and carries a strong legal regulation to this transformation. Urban transformation is not only taking place on the basis of construction, but also a transformation in social structure. In addition to physical transformation, urban transformation brings about social and human transformation. Since everything is for human beings, while these transformation processes are provided, urban transformation is achieved with exemplary architectural designs similar to the standard of living that people are accustomed to and preserving social relations.

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