Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

The number of people looking to obtain Turkish citizenship has a tendency to increase with each passing day. What are the ways of becoming a Turkish citizen and benefit from the many privileges of the citizenship?

1) By Birth

Jus sanguinis (blood relationship). A child of a Turkish citizen, inside and outside Turkey, is considered to be a Turkish citizen.

2) By Adaption

If a child under 18 years old is adopted by a Turkish citizen, he/she will automatically become a Turkish citizen as well.

3) By Naturalization

If a person is a resident of Turkey for a continuous period of 5 years before his/her application, has clearly demonstrated that he/she wants to settle in Turkey, understands and speaks Turkish adequately, has a sufficient income, poses no threat for the national security and national health, he/she can apply for Turkish citizenship.

If a person is married to a Turkish citizen, he/she may apply for naturalization provided that he/she is married for 3 years or more, resides with his/her spouse, there is no jeopardy threatening their marriage, and he/she poses no threat for the national security and national health.

4) By Investment

If any of the criteria mentioned below is met, a foreigner may apply for citizenship.

a)     Making a fixed capital of investment worth a minimum of $500.000

b)    Purchasing a real estate property worth a minimum of $400.000 and annotating that the property will not be resold within the 3 years following the purchase

c)     Employing at least 50 people

d)    Depositing a minimum of $500.000 in banks operating in Turkey provided that no withdrawal of the same amount will be made within the first 3 years

e)    Purchasing government bonds worth a minimum of $500.000, provided that no bond will be sold within the first 3 years

f)      Purchasing a real estate investment fund share or venture capital investment fund share worth a minimum of $500.000, provided that they will not be sold within the first 3 years

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