What Are the Costs for Property Investment in the UAE?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Before making any purchase, it's critical to weigh the benefits against the risks. The same is true if you want to buy a house in Dubai. We've put together this comprehensive guide on the cost of purchasing property in Dubai to assist anyone wondering how much a place in Dubai costs. Find out how much your home in Dubai will cost you before buying, including any up-front charges and any related hidden fees.

Upfront Fees

The real estate market in Dubai has some of the most restrictive standards in the world to protect both buyers and sellers. As a result, in addition to the property's purchase price, buyers in Dubai must pay various upfront fees. The up-front fees for purchasing real estate in Dubai can vary depending on the type of property (ready or off-plan) and from whom the buyer purchases. Directly from the developer, the cost of a property in Dubai is the most affordable.

The following fees are required by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

Dubai Land Department fees amount to about 4% of the house's total cost

The Title Deed is issued for a fee of AED 520.

AED 4,200 will be used to cover DLD administration fees.

Mortgage or home loan borrowers will be required to pay a Mortgage Registration Fee to DLD, equal to 0.25 percent of the total mortgage value plus AED 290 in administrative fees. In Dubai, there are numerous different kinds of mortgages.

Service Charges in Dubai

When determining the cost of house ownership in Dubai, property owners must also account for ongoing service fees. Residential structures and communities have maintenance and upkeep costs that the owners must pay for on a recurrent basis.

Dubai (DEWA) Fees

DEWA fees are something that prospective homebuyers often overlook when calculating the cost of homeownership in Dubai.

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) oversees all Dubai residences' electricity and water connections. DEWA installation costs can range from AED 2,300 for an apartment to AED 4,000 for a villa, depending on the number of meters installed.

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