What is Istanbulkart and How to Buy It?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

You may wonder what Istanbulkart is or how it works for you. It’s one of the topics that make foreigners struggle to understand. That’s why you should continue reading below to clear out all the confusion about Istanbulkart and its current functioning.

Although the spread of coronavirus has affected many of our travel plans, some people find it a great chance to enjoy the world’s most attractive tourism destinations without the annoying crowds. In this sense, Istanbul should be on top of your list if you’re looking for somewhere fascinating yet has the best facilities for pandemic conditions.

You’ve probably planned all of the details, including where to eat and take a selfie, but if you want to take a tour of the city without any problems, you should read about the new regulations on IstanbulKart, a transit card that you can use in every public transportation means. You can buy it from İstanbulkart vending machines placed in every station and strategic location throughout the city.

Matching the HES Code with Istanbulkart

According to the latest measures, every user should match their HES code which is a personal code designated uniquely to let authorities know if you’re currently a coronavirus carrier or not. When you match your Istanbulkart to your HES code, it enables you to use public transport without any trouble. Therefore, it is crucial to arrange it before beginning to explore the city.


How to get your HES code in five steps?

1.     Start a new text message on your phone

2.     Enter the recipient phone number “2023”

3.     Write in the text field by leaving blank space after every part as follows: HES, Nationality (IRN), Passport Number, Year of Birth, Last Name, The Number of Days You Will be Staying (e.g. 7)

4.     Tap to send button

5.     Your HES code will be automatically delivered.


Next, you will be able to match your Istanbulkart to your new HES code. In order to do that, use this link to fill in the form provided by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and you will be good to go.


Here is what you should carry with you to have a healthy and safe experience in Istanbul:

A good number of protective masks, a multi-use alcohol-based disinfectant, wet wipes to clean any surfaces you touch, your own small bottle of soap to use in places that lack cleaning products at the moment. And, remember to always keep your distance from others, especially in tourist spots swarming with people. Have a pleasant journey!


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