What is the difference between net and gross square meters?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

One of the most important criteria to consider when buying a new home is the size of the house(square meter). Construction companies generally give gross square meter ratios rather than net square meters in the projects that they sell. This is one of the most important issues for those who want to buy a house.

Before making real estate investment; The title deed and property condition, the general characteristics and location of the house are also important but it is also important to carefully examine the gross and net square meter size.

Today; One of the problems that can be encountered when buying house is the difference between gross and net square meters. Square meter calculations can change according to the city and project. For example; In an advertisement brochure, we can see 120 square meters of house, which is actually 90 square meters. This difference naturally disappoints many people. Having knowledge about this subject is important in order to prevent future problems.

Nowadays it is very simple to overcome such problems. You can easily measure the fields of usage with a simple laser meter while visiting the house you are considering buying. You can review the plan of the house from the Land Registry and Cadastre. However, if the house is under construction or any modifications to the house, the plan in the land registry is out of time.

Being conscious in all processes and working with conscious real estate experts is always important. May be you haven't any idea about the net and gross square meters. In such cases, consumers can often become victims because they don't know the difference between the two types of situations. We would like to share some useful information for you:

What is Net Square Meter?

Net square meter refers to the total area you can use, remaining inside the walls. In the case of net square meters, usage areas such as rooms, lounge, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, balcony are calculated.

What is Gross Square Meter?

The gross square meter represents the total area you have own. The elevators, social spaces, green spaces, room divisions, apartment halls and fire escapes within the building are included in the gross square meters.

The effect of square meters on the housing price should be analyzed.

The price of square meters is an important criterion in house sales. For instance; The consumer buys an apartment of gross 100 square meters at a price of 100 thousand TL, he/she considers that he/she gives 1000 TL per square meter. However, it overlooked that the usable and settable net area is less than 100 square meters. The inclusion of places such as parking lots and green spaces in the square meter account opens up the gross-net range. Consumers can also be victims as a result.

The contract should be evaluated correctly.

You should correctly evaluate your contract when you are purchasing housing. The details of the net and gross square meters related to the housing in the contract should be analyzed carefully. You should definitely not rush to sign the contract. If your contract doesn't include net and gross square meter information, you should add it. Accordingly, you should make your final decision and sign it if you see appropriate.

Remember, the net square meter in the house is calculated as the useable field remaining between the walls. For this reason, door and window strips, chimney protrusions, air chimneys, stairs and elevators which are not within the net square meter shouldn't be included in the net calculation. Let's explain detailed:

Should we ask the net square meter when we are buying house?

The net square meter of the house is the useable field between the walls. Accordingly, the sections in the net square meters in house are units, door and window strips, chimney ledges, air chimneys, balconies 2 square meters of the total, stairs, shelf, elevator. The house, which is not more than 4 square meters per residence, has coalbunker, fuel tank, shelter, janitor room, laundry, garages inside the building and they are except from usable field.

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