Where Should I Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Real estate is a sector that never loses its importance in Turkey. Buying real estate is one of the first options that come to mind for investment. Whether it is for investment or not, there are details that you should pay attention to when buying real estate. The most crucial of these details is the location. With the recent urban transformation, transportation, and shopping projects in big cities, investment choices in terms of both housing and land have changed radically. We have listed the cities and districts where you should buy real estate in Turkey.


In Istanbul, which has been the most valuable city in terms of both housing and land for many years, housing and land investments shifted from south to north. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Istanbul Airport and the Northern Marmara Motorway are the most important reasons for this change. In the northern districts of Istanbul, especially in terms of land prices, there are increases of up to 400% compared to a few years ago. Places of increasing value in terms of land in Istanbul: Arnavutköy, Poyrazköy, Sancaktepe, Tayakadın, Durusu, Yeniköy, and Karaburun.


In Ankara, the second-largest city in Turkey, the places to be invested are concentrated in the southwest because the city center is shifting in this direction. In terms of housing, the values in the area between Yaşamkent and Temelli, which is southwest of Ankara, and the Etimesgut and Eryaman districts are increasing. Districts to be invested in for the land: Batıkent, Pursaklar, NATO Yolu in Mamak, Bağlum district in Keçiören, and Örencik district in Gölbaşı.


Real estate prices increased rapidly in Izmir due to the urban transformation and luxury housing projects announced one after another. Districts with increasing housing value: Bornova, Mavişehir, and Balçova. Also, the extensive shopping malls opened in these districts increase the interest day by day. Districts where the value of the lands will increase: Torbalı, Güzelbahçe, and Urla.


Bursa is one of the leading cities in terms of land sales and heavy migration intake.  Thanks to the Auto Test Center to be built in the district, Yenişehir is the place where housing and land value has increased. Karacabey, on the other hand, is one of the most ideal places to buy land in Bursa thanks to its location on the route where the city center expands.


Thanks to its touristic value, especially with the arrival of the summer months, the real estate sector booms in Antalya. Konyaaltı and Lara are two districts that do not lose their value for housing due to their central location. Housing investments are gradually shifting towards the interior, as prices increase in the coastal part of both regions. Those who want to buy land from Antalya can choose Kundu Yolu, which connects the inner parts of the Lara district and the resorts to the center.


In Adana, which is one of the provinces with the most real estate sales, both residential and land investments are concentrated in the north because the city is expanding to the north. Districts of increasing value: Kozan Yolu, Karaisalı Yolu, and the vicinity of M1 Shopping Center.


Due to its central location in Konya, Selçuk has been the most popular area in terms of housing investment for years. Also, Karatay's location close to the center increases its value. For land investment, the value of Meram has increased in recent years with urban transformation projects. 

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