Where to Get Holiday in Turkey? Here are 15 Place Recommendations

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In this article, we introduce three different activities and 15 different places for our domestic and foreign investors who are looking for a quiet place where they can go as a family, different from the usual holiday places like Bodrum, Marmaris and Kuşadası.

It’s summer! We should go on vacation but where should we go? Almost everyone knows about the holiday paradises of Turkey. Overcrowded by local and foreign tourists, these places are not the first priority for those who prefer a quiet, spacious and comfortable holiday. If you want to meet the sea more immediately, if you are looking for traces of a holiday that is intertwined with nature rather than night life, here are the places where you can take a holiday without leaving the all-inclusive concept:

Organic Agriculture Farms

Organic farms, where you can consume organic foods and grow products during your stay and interact with your family, come to the forefront by not resembling the sea-sun-sand holidays and unhealthy and high cholesterol meals that some hotels have. The support you provide on these farms is reduced from the cost of your room. Also, it is not compulsory to work. Organic Farming Farms work together with the Association of Wheat and are giving service all-around Turkey. You can contact the Wheat Association to find out in which regions these interactive holiday farms are located, and plan a unique holiday for you and your family. As Trem Global, we will be introducing two of them. The feature of these two farms is the opportunity to swim as because these two farms are located in Fethiye in the Antalya region.

Pastoral Valley – Antalya – Fethiye

The first of these is the Pastoral Valley Ecological Life Farm; Located next to the Kargı River in the village of Yanıklar in Fethiye, the farm is among the trees of all shades of green with a size of 42,000 m2. When you come here, you stay in houses that are compatible with the architecture of the region and are made of stones, mudbricks and wood made from the same geography. Here the farm works are scheduled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. art and cultural activities are organized in production workshops. In Pastoral Valley, you can taste the most delicious local dishes of Mediterranean cuisine in a traditional way.

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Pastoral Vadi, which offers a meal program for those who have health problems and those who prefer diet meals, prevents waste even by recycling.

Organic wastes are used as fertilizer for feeding the animals in the valley and for enriching the soil, while non-organic wastes are sent to the Recycling Project in Fethiye. After a long timein the farm, you can immerse yourself in the cool Fethiye sea, spend time in the swimming pool and eat organic grapes from the vine trees.


If you say the proximity to the sea is a must for the holidays, we invite you to Patika. This place is not based on a wide area like the Pastoral Valley and it is not a place where you can do organic farming, but it is another place worth seeing for a calm holiday among the Mediterranean pines. This holiday home is located in the Faralya district of Fethiye, where your children can enjoy their holiday without being bored. Located within walking distance of the sea, Patika welcomes all nature lovers with its atmosphere intertwined with nature.

There are also more isolated holiday farms in Fethiye. If you want to learn about other farms, you should check out the Wheat Association website.


For those, who doesn’t like the burning atmosphere of the sun and want to get rid of it, the best choice for holiday is highlands. Here in the Black Sea vegetation, you can spend your holiday by setting up your hammock between the pine trees and drinking water from the icy spring near you. There are more than one hundred highlands in Turkey, but nearly half of them are available fot tourism. As Trem Global, we introduce you three highlands in Turkey. Our first plateau is Rize Ayder Plateau, which everyone knows the most:

Ayder Plateau

Located 19 km south of Çamlıhemşin District of Rize province, this plateau is surrounded by beech and spruce trees and is the subject of songs. Due to the high altitudes, which are among the typical features of the plateaus, having a cool atmosphere even in summer is one of the most preferred reasons for foreigners. The branch of the river that forms the Fırtına River passes from the Ayder plateau that has 1350 m. altitude.

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The world-renowned Ayder Plateau has been declared a tourism area and provided all kinds of services for accommodation. You can spend time with your tent in order to stay in Ayder plateau, taste all kinds of honey that have healing effect , you can take advantage of the hot springs with a temperature of 50 degrees, therefore, you can have a different experience.

Çambaşı Plateau

Çambaşı Plateau, which is located in the 61 km. south of Ordu, stands out with its green nature and abundant oxygen structure. The plateau has an 1850 m. altitude, higher than the Ayder Plateau. The plateau, which offers recreation places surrounded by nature for all its visitors, is renowned for its natural wealth as well as its market, picnic places, restaurants and hotels. 

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Here you can consume plenty of organic milk, meat, butter, cheese, vegetables and fruit, and spend your summer rest in a healthy way using fresh air.

Soğucak Plateau

The first reason for introducing this plateau is that it has the closest location to Istanbul. Soğucak plateau of Sakarya province has about 1100 m. altitude and is 17 km from Sapanca. Soğucak Plateau, which should be visited especially in the second week of July, hosts the “Soğucak Plateau Festival “ in which the inhabitants and outside visitors participate. You can have your holiday in peace in the vast pasture areas among the tight pine trees in the plateau.

Ege and Akdeniz Tour

Apart from the Mediterranean and the Aegean, we have also made recommendations on the Black Sea region.

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If you still want to see the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea and enter the sea, but enjoy a holiday that is intertwined with nature, unlike the five-star holiday concept, Trem Global has explored the clues of a different holiday in Aegean and Mediterranean for you.

Gökçeada and Bozcaada

These two islands to the north of the Aegean Sea should be visited in September or May. On the islands, which are reached by ferry services from Çanakkale (Dardanelles), which are 45 minutes long, the wines from the vineyards and local plants are offered to the visitors in two-storey white houses.

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Our route is still in another historical tourist center in the Dardanelles region. Assos where shouldn’t be passed without seeing, is known for its proximity to the islands. There is the temple of Athena and the ancient theater.

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You can buy local delicacies such as honey, olives and tarhana from the local people in the region which has an ancient city where you can see the memories of the civilizations that lived in the ancient ages from the prehistory to the present day.


If you want to enjoy a beautiful sea and taste healthy food in this region, you can choose Güre in Edremit in Balıkesir province. Güre, which is a paradise hiding every shade of green in Edremit bay among the Kaz Mountains, attracts attention with its plenty of oxygen and especially natural olive oil. 

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Gure offers opportunities for those who want to live their holiday in a historical texture with its fountains, a Mosque with a wonderful architecture and an old Turkish bath, which give the feeling of prehistoric times.

Ayvalık - Balıkesir

A vacation place known by local tourists in Turkey, Ayvalık, is not a crowded place like Marmaris or Bodrum. Here you can go on family boat trips and see the unspoilt bays of Ayvalık. 

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You can visit the island of Cunda to taste the tangerine fish extracted from the island, and watch the magnificent sunset at the place known as the Devil's Table (Şeytan Sofrası).

Foça - İzmir

In Turkey, there are two separate Focas; old Foca and new Foca. Trem Global's recommendation is to visit Eski Foça. New Foça is a smaller place compared to the old Foça and it is not a place where holiday opportunities are developed as much as Old Foça.

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The old one resembles a small holiday town, with its bazaar and long coastline. Life in here, is cheaper than other resorts in Turkey. The town is divided in two by an ancient castle built during the Genoese period. You can stay in this small and cozy holiday area, rent small boats and join family tours and buy fresh from the fishing boats in the Harbor.

Gümüldür – İzmir

Gümüldür is one of the places where the residents of the Aegean find closest to them and prefer a holiday that is peaceful. 

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When you go as a family, you can spend your holiday by staying in a tent, you can visit the ancient city of Ephesus in the immediate vicinity.

Saklıkent – Muğla

There are regions both in Antalya and in Muğla named Saklıkent (Hidden City). Trem Global recommends you to visit Fethiye Saklıkent in Muğla. As Saklıkent is located between the mountains, it is hard to see the sun before 10 am. Think of a place where rivers flow along with lush trees.

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You can stay in the family houses made of trees built above the streams, eat fresh fish from the stream, and taste the gozleme (a local pastry) made by the local residentsIf you have time, visit the canyon that has 600 m. height and explore all kinds of color and smell of nature throughout18 km. If you want to swim in the sea, please note that Saklıkent is a 1-hour drive from Ölüdeniz.

Patara - Antalya

After Saklıkent, all the visitors usually go to Antalya but we have a suggestion for you.

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If you follow the road along the west coast, you will reach Patara Ancient City. Patara is home to the longest beaches in the world. The ancient city, where you can see many historical monuments of the Lycians, can also be reached with Patara minibuses departing from Kaş and Kalkan.

Kalkan – Antalya

Located 40-45 minutes from Patara, Kalkan is a charming holiday village built on the slopes of the mountain. 

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Kalkan has an average of 500 houses built on the slopes of the mountain. In Kalkan, where you will experience diving and exploring the underwater world, it is also possible to swim from platforms built on rocks. You should definitely add this region in Antalya, which is famous for its restaurants, to your visit list.

Kaş – Antalya

If you are going to Kaş from Kalkan, you should pay special attention to your journey. When you reach Kaş through the winding cliffs and the high cliffs on the sea side, the scenic calm and deserted coves welcome you. It is also possible to reach Kaş by boat from Kalkan.

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As it hosts many underwater caves, it also hosts the most valuable bays of the region in terms of diving tourism. Kaş also comes to the fore with accommodation options that fits your budget. In here, you can taste the natural products that the people bring from the villages and sell them in the market in one day of the week, and do paragliding in its unique nature.

Olympos – Çıralı

In this article we recommend you 15 little-known resorts in Turkey and our last proposals are Olympos and Cirali regions. Of these, Olympos is especially popular among young people with the option of camping and with holiday homes with tree houses that are compatible with the region. You can reach the shore through the lush pine trees and after a little while you can visit the ancient city of Olympos. It was established in the 1st century as a shelter for pirates and a small stream flows through the historic city.

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Here you will see that the creek ends before it reaches the sea and freshwater fish swim in it. As the area hosts Caretta caretta turtles, it is forbidden to have picnic in the bays, to not to disturb living things. The fact that the sea is choppy in the mornings and that it is generally calm in the afternoons is a characteristic of Olympos. We recommend that you be particularly careful when jumping from rocks to the sea. You can stay in the nearby village of Cirali, you can burn your barbecue with the natural fire coming from under the mountain.

Kekova – Üç Ağız Village

If you continue your route from Kaş to Antalya, after a journey of approximately 10 minutes from the turnoff you will return to Kekova and you will reach the quiet and beautiful village of Üç Ağız. The village that is home to hostels, where the local people operate and make a living, is known as a small fishing town. You can watch the view of the islands lined up in various sizes in the clean sea of Üç Ağız Village, you can stay at the seaside pensions and enjoy the nature. Afterwards, we recommend you visit the ancient antique sites nearby. Simena (Kaleköy) and Kınık (Xanthos) are among these places. The place known as Kınık is approximately 42 km from Fethiye.

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It was used as an administrative and religious center within the ancient Lycian cities.

Places to visit in Turkey and the resort is not limited to places mentioned here. Turkey, while continuing to be the center of gravity in the tourism possibilities and potential, Turkey's little-known domestic and foreign centers continue to attract many tourists. Anyone who buys at least 400,000 USD worth of homes, businesses, land and similar properties can benefit from the Turkish citizenship of the country, which stands out with its natural beauties and hospitality.

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