Why Invest in Cyprus?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

In the eastern Mediterranean region, Cyprus plays a significant role in the geographical position at the junction between three continents - Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The island provides the appropriate gateway for investment in the European Union and an investment portal outside the EU, notably in the Middle East, India, and China. In this article, we have listed the top reasons to invest in Cyprus.

Tax System

Cyprus has one of Europe's most advantageous tax systems that comply fully with EU, OECD, and international law and rules. Some characteristics are:

One of the EU's 12.5 percent lower business tax rates

Exemption from dividend shareholding

Exemption from securities disposal (e.g., shares, bonds, debentures)

No dividend, interest, and royalty fees are retained in foreign countries

No taxes on capital gains (except for the removal of real estate in Cyprus)

No inheritance fees.

Legal System

The legal system of Cyprus is based on the English system and is one of the most efficient and trustworthy legal systems in the world. The legal system has some minor impacts from the European continental law system but is based on the Anglo-Saxon judicial system to a considerable extent. Cyprus has been recognized as a company-friendly and highly effective system for ensuring openness and confidence in business activities, a complete and robust legal and regulatory framework.

Life Quality

Cyprus provides the most elevated quality lifestyles in a secure, clean, and healthy environment with a high living quality. Low crime, 340 sunny days, centuries of art and culture, and Mediterranean cuisine contribute to a high standard of living. The safety of Cyprus, which has been placed among the safest countries worldwide (2015) and the fifth safest country of Value Penguin, is one of the most extensive benefits.


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